"The Hadassah Code" - Donald Trump's MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Message

President Donald Trump Gives A Christmas Message Of Peace Quotes From The Book Of Isaiah See His Code

Visit My Website to View President Trump's Code To His Christmas Speech ”
— Hadassah Grace Marshall

MIAMI , FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- President Donald Trump has his first Christmas 2017 not in The White House but at his home in Mar-a-Lago Palm beach,Florida... This is where he tweeted out a short video of himself and First lady Malania Wishing People the World over a Merry Christmas... Trump who is a Presbyterian also quoted from the book of Isaiah chapter 9:6...December 25th wasn't just Christmas day for the President it was Also a Significant Code Day!!! You Can Find Which Code He had by Visiting My Website https://www.thehadassahcode.com/
After a Revelation and Fourteen Years of Research I was led to Author a book called The Hadassah Code Proof Man's Days Are Numbered ISBN 9781742842509... Using Over a Hundred of the World's Most Rich Famous and Influential People I Prove that there are Certain Numbers Counting down in Peoples' lives Concerning Milestones such as Births - Marriages - Disasters and Deaths.
Since My book I have put together a Very Extensive Website Continuing to Show that these Same Numbers are Still Apparent in Peoples' lives.

Elijah Marshall
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