Advocate Advises Pope to Swiftly Remove Catholic Leaders Protecting & Enabling Sexual Predators

Michael Carey has asked Pope Francis to swiftly remove Bishops and Cardinals that protect and enable sexual predators and pedophiles and to publicly request the resignations of Catholic leaders in government that are involved in such evil.

There are many more Bernard Law’s out there; these are extremely dangerous Catholic leaders that continue to allow predators to rape vulnerable women & children

Pope Francis has been advised of three Catholic leaders in New York State alone that are protecting countless sexual predators, the Pope must demand they resign immediately.”
— Michael Carey - Advocate for people with disabilities and their families
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2017 / -- Pope Francis has been advised of three Catholic leaders in New York State alone that are protecting countless sexual predators, the Pope must demand they resign immediately. These Catholic Church and government leaders are Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Bishop Edward Scharfenbereger and Governor Andrew Cuomo. Both Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Scharfenberger have looked the other way as thousands of children and adults with disabilities are raped and severely damaged by pedophiles and sexual predators of our most vulnerable. Both Dolan and Scharfenberger have known for a few years that New York State’s Catholic Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has ensured that almost all sexual predators preying on the most vulnerable within his mental health agencies escape justice. The Boston Globe tied Cardinal Law into the Catholic Church pedophile priest sex scandal by letters proving he knew; many emails tie in Dolan and Scharfenberger.

Cardinal Bernard Law escaped justice here on earth because he was protected and shielded by the Catholic Church, but other Catholic leaders cannot escape justice. A leading advocate for people with disabilities and vulnerable children, Michael Carey, the founder of the Jonathan Carey Foundation, has advised Pope Francis to root out and remove all the bad apples. The worst of the worst of the bad apples are the Catholic Church leaders protecting other Catholic pedophile priests and Catholic government leaders that are gatekeepers of unspeakable and unconscionable sexual atrocities. Thousands of rapes of women and children with disabilities are being covered-up in New York State.

A few days ago the Jonathan Carey Foundation released this Breaking News to the Pope and to the general public, this is not ‘fake news,’ this is evil in our midst;

Breaking News: Catholic Church leaders in New York State are looking the other way as thousands of women and children with disabilities are being raped in institutions and group homes. Pope Francis, this is not ‘fake news’ or old news, this is current news, it is happening right now in New York State as your Church leaders look the other way.

For over ten years Attorney General Cuomo and then Governor Andrew Cuomo have protected countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists within State run and private mental health facilities and group homes from firing and from prosecution. Countless sexual predators have been allowed to continue to prey on our most vulnerable and destroy God only knows how many tens of thousands of lives. This timeline proves years of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direct involvement, I personally testify to these crimes and atrocities.

Pope Francis, it is critical that the Catholic Church makes major changes, and these changes must start with the removal of all the Bishops and Cardinals involved in guarding the sexual predators and the Catholic Church Institution, instead of the most vulnerable.

This damning New York Times news is incredibly important and the quotes below are extremely powerful. Remember, the sex cover-up scandal going on behind closed doors in New York State is far worse than what has been exposed in Australia.

“Tens of thousands of children have been sexually abused in many Australian institutions,” said the report, which was particularly critical of Catholic organizations. “We will never know the true number. Whatever the number, it is a national tragedy, perpetrated over generations within many of our most trusted institutions.”

“It is not a case of a few rotten apples,” the report said. “Society’s major institutions have seriously failed. In many cases those failings have been exacerbated by a manifestly inadequate response to the abused person. The problems have been so widespread, and the nature of the abuse so heinous, that it is difficult to comprehend.”

It is important to repeat this quote again because of the significance of this statement;

“Society’s major institutions have seriously failed”

“This quote is true, it is a fact – the Catholic Church has failed in this area. New York State has failed in this area. Many people in top positions of authority in many different institutions have failed to protect our children and people with disabilities. We are at a defining moment in time to bring critical changes and to stop failing our children and the most vulnerable with disabilities. We must work together and do what is right and just for the defenseless to see vital institutional changes and a fresh spiritual awakening” – Michael Carey

Thomas Patrick Doyle who is a priest, columnist and whistle-blower according to Wikipedia stated, “In 1985, Doyle authored a report on medical and legal issues raised by pedophilia in the priesthood, and “warned of a national scandal if the hierarchy did not adopt a sound policy.”

According to Doyle, in the news story and link below;

“One thing is certain: Bernard Law may be the remembered face of hierarchical cover-up and mendacity, but there are others who were far, far worse and carry a greater burden of guilt because they knew by then what the score was, “Doyle said in an email, ticking off a list of well –known bishops who have been publicly shamed – for covering up for their priests.

“They make Law look like an amateur.”

Here is the current list of investigative news pieces that began to be publicly released on December 1, 2017. These extremely damning reports follow extensive research by the Jonathan Carey Foundation and are found on Pope Francis News Today;

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Silence for Years has Protected Cuomo & Countless Sexual Predators & Pedophiles

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Do Not Dispute Allegations of Protecting Sexual Predators & Pedophiles

Cuomo & Dolan Still Silent on Combined Sexual Predator Cover-up Scheme

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Ensure Protection of Sexual Predators in Sex Scandal

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Protect Sexual Predators & Pedophiles in Sex Cover-up Scandal

The Worst of the Worst are Leaders that Protect Sexual Predators, Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan protect sexual predators like powerful people protected Harvey Weinstein

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan are Protecting Sexual Predators and the Motive is Money

Gov. Cuomo & Cardinal Dolan Refuse to Protect Disabled Women & Children from Sexual Predators

Pope Chastises Media, yet Ignores Current Church Sex Scandal Sins

Pope Francis asked to Swiftly Intervene in Cuomo-Dolan Sex Cover-up Scandal

Pope Francis Must Demand Resignation of Cardinal Dolan & Gov. Cuomo

Pope Francis Must Call for Cardinal Dolan & Gov. Cuomo to Resign for Protecting Sexual Predators

Pope Francis Must Address ‘Real Problems & Real News’ – Church Leaders Guarding & Enabling Sexual Predators

Pope Francis Must Remove All Church Leaders Protecting Sexual Predators - Cardinal Bernard Law is the Tip of the Iceberg

Pope Francis, It is Time for Institutional Change

My hope and appeal to you Pope Francis, is for him to do what is right and just for the defenseless now and for him to come along side to help champion the next greatest Civil Rights Movement. We must finally ensure the protection, safe care and services and equal rights for vulnerable children and all people with disabilities.

I would also encourage everyone to pray for Pope Francis and the Catholic Church as a whole that great changes can come forth for the Church and Society. I would also encourage everyone to pray for Cardinal Dolan, Bishop Scharfenberger and Governor Cuomo, although they must be removed from authority, they like the Apostle Paul can have an encounter with Jesus, receive His mercy and forgiveness like anyone can and they can become some of the greatest witnesses for Christ the world has ever seen. Justice demands their resignations from their positions of power and authority though now.

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