Music Sensation Lindsey Stirling Teams with Dream Team Directors to Help Hurricane Victims

Left to Right: Kit Nolan‏, Daniel Lir, Lindsey Stirling with Luna Latte, Bayou Bennett, Drew Steen; Photo Credit: Jenna Capozzi, on set during The Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

First Responder with Wings: Taylor: Still from the Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Fireman Chris Delbello, Photo credit: Dan Mohr, from the Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Music Sensation Lindsey Stirling Teams with Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir to Help Hurricane Victims, with moving video tribute to First Responders

Directing Lindsey Stirling as she played violin in downtown Houston was really a visual dream. We really can make a difference when we work together.”
— Daniel Lir
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 15, 2017 / -- Music Star Lindsey Stirling teamed up with award winning Dream Team Directors; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, to help many of the worlds' recent hurricane victims, with a moving video tribute to the first responders in Texas, and a call to action for the public to help more. Generous support was provided by Masterpass by MasterCard.

Director Daniel Lir states, "We have now released an incredible new music video for violin sensation Lindsey Stirling. We brought in The Salvation Army, the Houston fire Department, Crowd Source Rescue, and some other amazing non-profits
to this project which will help raise more money for hurricane victims. This video pays tribute to the first responders, and to those who helped save and rebuild the lives of those affected by these deadly storms. We are proud, because it's our mission to have our projects create social change. And getting to work with Lindsey's Management, Friends at Work, MasterCard and the Ketchum Agency on this meaningful project was truly an alignment of powerful, caring individuals."

Bayou Bennett adds, "I remember seeing Lindsey Stirling years ago, when she was featured on YouTube with The Piano Guys, and I've been a 'huge' fan ever since! She brings positivity, with a dash of magic. She is so greatly aesthetic with her music and dancing."

Daniel Lir continues, "Lindsey has such great energy as an artist. Her idea to do this project, and her vision to represent 'Angels on Earth' was very rich, artistic information to draw visual ideas from. So when we went deeper in to the research of what had happened, and met the people who were on the ground first hand, our hearts just melted!" Daniel adds, "I'm talking here about a woman who passed up a month of pay to volunteer to help people in Rockport, Texas which was devastated, because that's what she felt she had to do--and knew was right! And I just loved how the Rockport Fire Department created a daily ritual of raising the American Flag, which you will see at the end of the Music Video."

As reported earlier on NBC News, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir have collaborated, directed and produced alongside legendary talents including Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, Golden Globe nominee Anthony Mackie, Lea Michele, Ashley Judd, Billy Idol, P. Diddy, and Coldplay, among many other stars. One of the few husband and wife filmmaker duo in the world; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir founded their renowned company Dream Team Directors in 2007.

Daniel Lir states, "Our goal at Dream Team Directors is to create projects that inspire others and create positive social change. When we were offered the opportunity to work with Lindsey Stirling, one of Bayou's very favorite artists; in a project that combined music video, documentary, and social betterment; it was really a dream project!" Daniel continues, "Getting to travel to Houston and meet the real life angels on Earth who dedicate their lives to helping others; including the great folks at the Salvation Army, and Crowdsource rescue--a volunteer organization instrumental in rescuing over 25,000 people--was very touching, and inspiring!"

Director Bayou Bennett adds, "It was super-exciting for me to direct her as she is stunning and such a professional. It was so fun to see my idea with the wings on the first responders, firemen and salvation army staff come alive. It almost brought tears to my eyes."

Daniel Lir states, "Directing Lindsey as she played violin in downtown Houston was really such a visual dream. She is so photogenic, and has such a motivating desire to help others, which is so refreshing! Also, hooking up with these other groups with a similar purpose like Sea Shepherd and Taino Spirit--who are helping in Puerto Rico--is incredible. All that power and shared purpose to help is a beautiful thing. We really can make a difference when we work together!"

Bayou Bennett adds, "This project was super-important to me, because I truly believe we can all be angels and give back in the ways we can; whether its money, giving a helping hand, or being supportive to the ones who need help. We are not victims. The news makes us feel we need to be afraid and stay in our houses and not come out. That's not true! Try 'not' watching the news for one week and see how much better you feel! We need to find the power that is in all of us, and become strong individuals that come together in tragedies like the Hurricanes."

Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir state their vision as filmmakers is to "combine imagination, humor, beauty, and a desire to positively impact the world through their stunning creative work." Their company motto, "Let our dream team manifest your dream," symbolizes the expansion and positive attention they win for their many famous clients including; Adidas, MTV, and more. The highly sought after directors mention, "We tend to work on projects that improve the world in some way; projects that uplift, that make you think, or are super-aesthetic."

They state, "We are really passionate about creating work that makes a positive impact on the world, whether creating a change the world documentary for Coldplay, Write Girl, Whole Planet, Teen Cancer America, writing and directing our original comedy such as 'Text Me' which went viral, or making a super-visual, innovative music video, such as with the incredible Lindsey Stirling--we simply want to open people’s eyes and inspire."

Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High

Director: Dream Team Directors, Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir
Producer: Jenna Capozzi
Production Company: Dream Team Directors

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Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High