Global Alliance Partners (GAP) to Celebrate 10-Year Milestone; Women Partners to Lead the Next Investment Conferences

Chairperson of Sigma Investments

Chairperson of GVC Gaesco

Chairman and Executive Director of Global Alliance Partners

Global Alliance Partners is entering its 10th year anniversary with renewed vigor of collaboration and wider reach of operation.

As a celebratory gesture, our 10th year will see our two upcoming investment conferences being led for the first time in GAP history, by our two female Partners...”
— Mr. Bernard Pouliot
HONG KONG, HONG KONG, December 10, 2017 / -- HONG KONG: The Chairman of Global Alliance Partners (GAP), Mr. Bernard Pouliot, announced recently at the conclusion of another successful GAP Conference held in Beijing, PRC that the network organization is entering its 10th year anniversary with renewed vigor of collaboration and wider reach of operation.

“As a celebratory gesture, our 10th year will see our two upcoming conferences being led for the first time in GAP history, by our two female Partners namely; Ms. Iman Mutlaq, Chairperson of Sigma Investments in Jordan; and Ms. Ma Angels Vallvé Ribera, Chairperson of GVC Gaesco in Spain”, Mr. Pouliot also announced.

The GAP Conference in Jordan will be on 5, 6 & 7 May 2018.

Ms. Iman Mutlaq said, “We can muster supportive participation from high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and corporate clients, out of our deep presence in the region.”

Ms. Iman Mutlaq is a Jordanian entrepreneur, financier and social activist, who founded Sigma Investments and served as the CEO before ascending as its Chairperson. Forbes magazine’s Middle East edition named her twice in the list of “The 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen”. Ms. Mutlaq is a Director of Global Alliance Partners.

The GAP Conference in Spain on the other hand, will be in November next year.

"Being part of GAP means GVC Gaesco will be able to offer exclusively its services particularly in Wealth Management, Brokerage Services, Corporate Finance & Capital Markets and Research in the European Union and Latin America. Hosting the GAP Conference will be an effective platform to showcase our expertise and also our newly launched funds,” said Ms. Ma Angels Vallvé Ribera.

Ma Angels Vallvé Ribera is the first woman stockbroker in Spain. She founded GVC in 1986, a brokerage & wealth management company. She is concurrently the Chairperson and President of the merged entity GVC Gaesco Group.

GAP’s “people-to-people” mindset is the bedrock of its 10-year worldwide operation.

“We believe in people,” Mr. Pouliot said. “We bring together owner–driven investment banks, securities brokers, research houses, financial advisors and wealth and fund managers, who wish to provide their clients with smooth international access to the world’s financial markets,” he explained.

Mr. Bernard Pouliot is one of the founding partners of Global Alliance Partners. He is the longest serving Chairman of GAP and is concurrently its Executive Director. He brings with him over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience with an extensive track record of accomplishments in investments, finance, and corporate development. His business interests span across the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, with directorships in a number of both private-owned and public-listed companies.



About Global Alliance Partners (GAP)

Global Alliance Partners is a network organization of international-minded financial partners focusing on the capital midmarket. GAP provides its client base with local service and expertise, coupled with international reach and access in private equity, corporate fund raising, stock broking, and fund management. Global Alliance Partners bridges the gap between investment opportunities in the leading, emerging, or frontier markets, and the key sources of investment risk capital.

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GVC Gaesco offers a large group of products and services in Wealth Management and Private Banking, Brokerage and Custody, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, Research and Insurance Brokerage. It is CNMV Registered Entity under number 182. Member of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. MEFF, AIAF, Iberclear and Euroclear custodian and clearing Member. Entity Delegated by the Bank of Spain. MAB and MARF Registered Advisor. Founding partner and member of the European Securities Network (ESN).

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Sigma Investments is a leading multinational company based in Amman, Jordan that offers diversified investment opportunities. It provides clients with advisory services that allow them to achieve optimum profitability within their desired risk tolerance and to realize their investment growth potential. Sigma's consultancy and advisory services are an integral component in its commitment to establishing and maintaining solid and long lasting relationships with its clients.

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