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MAP’s New FICO Falcon Fraud Manager version 6.4

SEATTLE, WA, USA, December 1, 2017 / -- Falcon Fraud Manager has undergone a complete re-architecture of the databases, Case Manager, and Expert Rules that will provide increased system performance, fewer maintenance events, additional neural network models, and a new rules engine. This project will upgrade Falcon Fraud Manager from the current version 5.2c to version 6.4.

The rollout will begin in December 2017 with the priming of cardholder records. During the migration DPS will install Falcon Version 6.4 into production on separate hardware, allowing both the 5.2c and 6.4 applications to run in parallel as clients are moved over. Falcon 5.2c and 6.4 will run in parallel prior to and after migration for a period of up to 90 days to ensure there are no adverse impacts to the Falcon System.

Since the Falcon 6.4 upgrade project is a complete re-write of the Falcon application, there may be impacts to client financial institutions. The MAP team will keep clients apprised of any impacts throughout the project. For clients that have converted to Enhanced AP, impacts should be minimal. For Full Service clients and Shared-Service clients, the Visa Call Center will monitor all activity on behalf of the credit union on the day of the conversion. Changes available with Falcon 6.4 will include three levels of customer data to be provided for case management at the customer, account, or service (PAN) levels.

Falcon will begin using the expanded API, version 2.5, which adds new fields and new values in existing fields and is an expansion of Debit version 2.1. New User Data fields are available in each of the three customer levels.

A new feature of the US Debit model is the Behavior Sorted List (BLIST) technology. The BLIST functionality is embedded in the standard US Debit model and keeps track of many common transaction intersections when cardholders use their cards. The design of BLIST is to help reduce false positives on non-fraud accounts. If BLIST is aware of the in pattern behavior, it will help reduce the Falcon scores even on some risky categories. Falcon models with Behavior Sorted Lists are available exclusively with the Falcon 6.4 software platform. This is automatically included for all clients.

Finally, the Falcon 6.4 software platform enables many advanced analytic innovations, including the optional Adaptive Analytics Model. Falcon employs Adaptive Analytics for signature transactions, which provides additional performance lift on signature transactions compared to models that do not use Adaptive Analytics. The Adaptive Analytics model is “self calibrating” allowing the model to learn as new fraud is reported and it will fine-tune each cardholder profile in production, potentially reducing false positives associated with changing market or consumer behavior.

The Falcon 6.4 conversion is slated for the first quarter of 2018. Additional Webex refresher training sessions will be held prior to your institution’s cutover. Training dates will be provided via bulletin.

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