Exposing How NY Gov. Cuomo Protects Sexual Predators, Pedophiles & Rapists

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Thousands of sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists roam the streets and can easily endanger your children because most are protected by Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo is an extremely dangerous man; he is directing a wide-scale criminal enterprise that protects sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists.”
— Michael Carey
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Jonathan Carey Foundation and Michael Carey its Founder must continue to bring to light what is going on in the dark within Governor Andrew Cuomo’s extremely dangerous mental health care system that affects us all. In the midst of bringing out important, yet very ugly truths, the general public must understand the real dangers that exist for your children because of Governor Cuomo’s actions and in-actions. When known sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists escape justice, they remain out of jail, they get emboldened, and they usually continue to violate and rape many other innocent victims.

The first matter that is critical to discuss is the fact that although sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists in our midst are extremely dangerous individuals, the people and powerful entities that protect these sick individuals are far more dangerous. Governor Cuomo is extremely dangerous. Governor Cuomo is fully knowledgeable of the scope of these sex crimes and cover-ups, the very same as was the Catholic Church and Penn State. Every person and entity that is protecting dangerous sexual predators must be exposed and held accountable.




We have laws and State and federal Constitutions in place to set out boundaries for us all. We have a criminal justice system that is in place in every community, county and State throughout the United States to catch these criminals and enforce justice. I must zero in now on Governor Cuomo who was the former Attorney General before he became the governor and how he chose to protect these sexual predators and many other criminals instead of the New Yorkers with disabilities. Governor Cuomo must be exposed for his long term involvement in the most heinous criminal conspiracy to protect these sexual predators in New York State’s history http://www.einpresswire.com/article/414428414/cuomo-has-been-protecting-sexual-predators-for-over-a-decade?n=2.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s actions and inactions have basically said; the hell with the disabled and their equal rights, the hell with the laws when it comes to this vulnerable population and the hell with the NYS and US Constitution. Governor Cuomo instead chose to protect some of the worst sexual offenders and criminals living in our communities. Now to explain how Governor Cuomo’s scheme works;

• Everyone knows sexual predators prey on the vulnerable and those that are non-verbal or those that can be silenced easily by fear. Sexual predators seek out the most vulnerable usually as their prey

• Governor Cuomo, before he became the governor, as the New York State Attorney General looked the other way instead of taking emergency actions to protect the civil rights of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities

• Attorney General Cuomo and his top staff Alphonso David and Mylan Denerstein guarded and protected the State of New York from civil litigation and public shame by choosing to protect the sexual predators and other criminals within the New York State mental health care system instead of the disabled and general public. The Jane Lynch Affidavit which Michael Carey brought to their direct attention exposed the criminal conspiracy surrounding the hiding and concealing of documents and evidence of sex crimes and many other crimes. Attorney General Cuomo protected the sexual predators.

• Governor Cuomo became the governor of New York State in 2011 and he immediately continued to ignore Mr. Carey’s pleas for help for the vulnerable being sexually violated in unprecedented numbers. All safety and abuse prevention measures were ignored and then the massive award winning New York Times “Abused and Used” investigative reporting broke and Governor Cuomo still took no significant actions to stop or prevent these sex crimes http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/nyregion/abused-and-used-series-page.html

• Governor Cuomo ignored Mr. Carey, he ignored the New York Times, he ignored New York State laws, he ignored both the NYS and US Constitutions and he allowed sex crimes to continue to not be reported to 911. Governor Cuomo did this to keep most sex crimes within his agencies from local police, from criminal investigations, but instead internally reported and covered-up.

• Governor Cuomo made no immediate changes to ensure that known sexual predators were weeded out from his system and stopped from violating other innocent victims.

• Governor Cuomo then set up another internal abuse reporting system that he controls that would even better ensure sex crimes occurring within his mental health agencies rarely came to light and are covered-up.

• Governor Cuomo, under a crafty scheme and fraudulent entity that he wrongfully titled the Justice Center, deceived the New York State legislature leading them to believe he was protecting people with special needs. Instead almost everything was set up to cover-up and to protect the sexual predators and other criminals instead.

• Governor Cuomo shut down all independent legal entities, almost twenty all across New York State, that could protect and advocate for the disabled.

• Governor Cuomo took decisive action and raised the level to determine abuse of the disabled from “some credible evidence” to “preponderance of evidence.” This was done purposefully by the governor to protect sexual predators and other criminals instead of people with disabilities.

• Governor Cuomo set up his own abuse registry which was run by his corrupt Justice Center. This registry was public until Mr. Carey brought to the attention of Governor Cuomo that no one was on his abuse registry; the public information was immediately taken down from this State website.

• Governor Cuomo directed his Justice Center to advise all police agencies around New York State that basically we handle these types of crimes for these people. So even if families can get to local police themselves, the Governor has ordered everything to be funneled back to him.

• Governor Cuomo set up his own supposed ‘special prosecutor’ to bypass and circumvent County elected District Attorney’s that have the legal jurisdiction to prosecute sex crimes and all other crimes occurring within their counties. Governor Cuomo appointed another State employee to protect his agencies and sexual predators among many other criminals.

• Governor Cuomo set up an internal system of abuse categories that contradict New York State penal laws to protect sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists and allow them almost always to escape justice and remain employed and able to violate other victims.

• Governor Cuomo blended in sexual assaults and rapes in with other types of abuse within his bogus Justice Center reports in attempts to give an appearance that there is hardly any sexual abuse happening when in fact it is rampant.

• Governor Cuomo ensures that most sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists of the disabled never go on his abuse registry or any sexual abuse registry. Not only can they be hired anywhere, they live amongst us in our communities and we do not know. Our children are in grave danger because of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s actions and in-actions.

• Governor Cuomo ensures that most sexual assaults and rapes are never reported to county elected District Attorney’s. County prosecutors are not aware of most of the sex crimes and rapes of the disabled within their county because of Governor Cuomo.

• Governor Cuomo is an extremely dangerous man; he is directing a wide-scale criminal enterprise that protects sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists.

• Governor Cuomo is directing State agencies, State officials, State employees and all mandated reporters to obstruct justice and deny the disabled equal access to 911 call systems and the local criminal justice systems.

• Governor Cuomo is violating his oath of office, both the NYS and US Constitution promise equal protection of laws for all residents and citizens. Governor Cuomo has ensured that most sex crimes against the disabled will never be criminally investigated or ever wind up in a court room and in doing so is denying them their equal rights to equal protection of laws.

• Governor Cuomo has ensured most sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists not only remain at work, but roam our streets, live in our communities and are able to possibly harm our children.

• Governor Cuomo is ensuring that almost all sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists evade justice and that these sexual predators involved in extremely evil crimes walk and live among us. These sexual predators, as everyone knows, belong behind bars; they must be stopped from violating and raping other victims.

I could continue, but you have quite a snapshot into how Governor Andrew Cuomo is protecting sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists and how they actually thrive within his extremely dangerous mental health care system.

Always remember this statement made by a convicted pedophile of Cuomo’s system, let it be burned within your heart and mind, it is “a predators dream.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/crime/2017/02/20/predators-dream-ny-pays-3m-family-molested-boy/98154714/

Here is the direct quote from this AP News story written by David Klepper;

“New York State is paying $3 million to the family of developmentally disabled boy repeatedly molested by a staffer at a state-run group home who later wrote that lax supervision at the facility made it "a predator's dream."

No longer can 911 and local police be bypassed. 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual assaults and rapes, as well as obviously all other crimes, medical emergencies and deaths. Currently, Governor Cuomo has directed these sex crimes to be internally reported to another one of his agencies where almost all sex crimes disappear, they are covered-up.

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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers