Mobile Enterprise Engagement – Energy & GHG Case Study

City of Toronto – Scream Enterprise Pilot

The end result was not a surprise, but the speed at which Screaming Power implemented changes and was able to modify coding, when necessary, was. ”
— City of Toronto Subject Matter Expert

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 20, 2017 / -- This Case Study details a roll-out of an Enterprise-branded mobile solution focused on managing energy and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) for the City of Toronto’s portfolio of buildings. A roll-out of this kind has many challenges – including the size of the data set, data standardization and frequency, operational requirements, security, accuracy, analytics, privacy, policy, IT, administration and education. This Case Study examines the challenges and the outcome of providing a mobile enterprise engagement solution from a templated cloud, mobile App solution for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Screaming Power has been developing a mobile solution set for several years and partnered with the City of Toronto through its Green Market Acceleration Program to create a user-friendly solution to help Toronto’s Environment and Energy Division manage, share and report energy information. The Pilot’s goals were to consult with the Environment and Energy Division to build a prototype mobile app that helps educate and inform the City, while aiding in achieving its building and energy footprint goals.

This Pilot Demonstration was highlighted to:

• Deliver a mobile platform in iOS and Android with key building KPIs
• Provide leading-edge multiplatform/multisource information aggregation within the solution
• Provide static and live data feeds for information management, modeling, socialization, engagement and user presentment
• Integrate and normalize multiple data sources to provide a more global view of the building footprint.
• Provide accurate comparisons and benchmarking of buildings with the potential for operations involvement
• Allow two-way (multi-way) interactions between the parties

The Intellectual Property (IP) that Screaming Power started with had 3+ years of research and development and encompassed over 550,000 lines of code that managed various aspects of the application, server and features needed for the Enterprise Solution. As time went on, the application also used code being developed from Screaming’s Customer Engagement Utility solution. This IP foundation allowed Screaming to provide a branded prototype solution for the first formal meeting using The City of Toronto’s energy and building data already available in the public realm. Once the initial meeting was complete and the first version of the Enterprise solution was being reviewed, the task was to allow the Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the City to be active in evolving the solution to meet the City’s needs.

The SME became engaged quickly, as he had something concrete to work with right away. It was realized early on that the SME required a process to be continuously involved in the application’s evolution, so it was imperative that a process be put in place for the individual to continuously have the pilot application in the palm-of-his-hand. This way, the SME could better understand the progress and comment on their specific needs related to evolution of the Enterprise solution. Once the mobile app process was put in place, regular updates were provided directly to the SME’s device and short meetings were held every week or two, where Screaming Power discussed changes with the SME, other invitees from the City and sometimes external energy supply partners were invited.

As of November 2017, the Solution is available to the City of Toronto in iOS and Android.

The Pilot program through Toronto’s Green Market Acceleration initiative provided great value for everyone concerned. Without this type of pilot, engagement between the parties would not have been possible.

Results of the Pilot showed that Screaming’s use of its existing IP helped create a cost-effective solution template that helped everyone understand the possibilities and future opportunity. There were many unique obstacles that had to be overcome while working with the City. Shared expertise and technology enhancements resolved any possible roadblock, yet it is hard to say that Screaming created a perfect template for the future, as every enterprise environment will have its own challenges. One thing proven in the pilot is that there is no obstacle that can’t be resolved with innovation and expertise.

The Solution’s capabilities to interact, educate and train was demonstrated without any added IT costs to the City of Toronto and the pilot did exceed the initial expectations of Screaming Power. In addition, there are anticipated future benefits for the City and others using this technology through its Continuous Energy Improvement efforts.

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