Mobile Customer Engagement – Utility Case Study

Lakefront Utilities – Scream Utility Roll-out

Prior to beginning, the deliverables I had were fairly basic. It was not until we got to the development stage that I realized the possibilities that mobility presents for enhanced customer service.”
— Subject Matter Expert

COBOURG , ONTARIO, CANADA, November 16, 2017 / -- This Case Study focuses on a roll-out of a Utility-branded mobile solution focused on customer engagement. A roll-out of this kind has many challenges – including operational, security, accuracy, analytics, privacy, policy, IT, administration and education. This Case Study examines the challenges and the outcome of providing a mobile customer engagement solution from a templated cloud, Mobile App Solution set for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Screaming Power has been developing a mobile solution set for several years and partnered with a Utility (Lakefront Utilities), its Utility Cooperative (The CHEC Association) and government entities to create a production-ready Utility Solution. The goal was to bring into production a cost effective, flexible, innovative solution that meets the needs of a single utility, while creating a production-ready template for multiple utilities of any size.

There are multiple implementation elements to be looked at in this Case Study that are presented in this list:

• Can Screaming Power use its existing IP to create a cost effective “canned” solution for multiple Utilities?
• What is the timeframe needed to create a branded solution and what unknowns will be discovered that may cause roadblocks or even barriers to the technology used?
• Are the Utilities experienced in the potential capabilities of mobility to assist in the development of a mobile solution and in managing information and customer interaction, or will they require training and education?
• Can the solution be implemented without costly changes to the Utility’s existing IT infrastructures?
• At roll-out, does the platform meet initial expectations?
• Are there any anticipated future benefits using mobile technology?

The Intellectual Property that Screaming Power started with had 3+ years of research and development in it prior to the project initiation and encompassed over 550,000 lines of code that managed various aspects of the application, server and features needed for the Utility Solution. This foundation allowed Screaming Power to provide Lakefront Utilities a Prototype Solution in a matter of weeks for evaluation and allowed the Utility to actively participate in changing the solution to meet its particular needs.

The Utility and Cooperative became engaged quickly. It was realized early on that the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) involved in the development of the app were not technically advanced in mobility, so a process was put in place for the individuals to always have a version of the app in the palm-of-their-hand to better understand the progress and comment on needs related to the customer and the Utility. Once a Mobile App Development Process was put in place, regular updates were provided directly to their devices and short meetings were held where all parties participated in decisions and feedback.

As of November 2017, The Solution is available for download for iOS and Android:

The future of mobility holds multiple benefits for the Utility, the customer and the market. This application opens the door to better customer engagement and innovation. It also allows the Utility to look at mobility as a potential cost-saving instrument and gives the customer a more modern way to manage their energy information and interact with the Utility. The visibility, enhanced communications and cost-effective integration is only limited by the needs of today. The most important thing is the solution is set up to assist everyone with tools for tomorrow. As today’s technologies evolve, the Utility has the option to see how it can cost-effectively engage mobility to share information and help the customer.

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