Gryphon Sensors Integrates Silvus StreamCaster Radios into its Mobile Skylight® Drone Security System

Silvus StreamCaster Mesh Radios Enable Deployment of the First Fully Operational Mobile Drone Security and UAS Traffice Management System

“We chose Silvus’ integrated mesh radio solution for its unmatched flexibility which is ideal for the commercial drone market.”
— Jeff Cole

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2017 / -- Gryphon Sensor’s Mobile Skylight sets a new standard in drone security and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management. Featuring an array of self-contained sensors, it serves as a complete mobile command center for many applications.

Silvus StreamCaster mesh radios allow the rapid forward deployment of individual sensors, while seamlessly supporting high data rate wireless connectivity for the simultaneous transmission of high resolution daylight video, infra-red / thermal video, as well as radar and passive RF sensing data back to the mobile command center to provide the operator with a complete airspace picture.

Key to Gryphon Sensors’ selection of the StreamCaster radios was its industry leading coverage area and range, user data throughput capacity and the capability to support multiple frequency bands of operation without the need to change out any radio hardware.

“A reliable, long-range, fast mesh network was essential to the design of our mobile drone security and integration platform,” said Jeff Cole, lead systems engineer at Gryphon Sensors. “We chose Silvus’ integrated mesh radio solution for its unmatched flexibility which is ideal for the commercial drone market."
Frontline Communications provided the vehicle integration for Mobile Skylight which is based on a sleek, rugged van, featuring 4x4 off-road capability that can be taken anywhere without a commercial driver’s license.

About Silvus Technologies

Privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Silvus Technologies develops advanced MIMO technologies that are reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission critical applications. Backed by an unmatched team of PhD scientists and design engineers, its technologies provide enhanced wireless data throughput, interference mitigation, improved range, mobility, and robustness to address the growing needs of its government and commercial customers.

About Gryphon Technologies

Gryphon Sensors provides the most sophisticated systems to detect, track and identify low-altitude, small unmanned aircraft systems, birds and other hard-to-detect airborne traffic.
Using an innovative multi-spectrum approach, Gryphon Sensors provides low-cost, best-in-class products to serve the drone security market and protect critical infrastructure from drones.
As a leader in this emerging industry, Gryphon Sensors is also helping to safely integrate UAS into the national airspace system (NAS). Our Skylight®solution helps enable BVLOS operations for commercial applications

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