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LED blue light for acne reduces pimples without medication

Skin Care Los Angeles

Skin Care Los Angeles 2

A groundbreaking treatment for acne, LED blue light is now available in LA. It does not require a prescription and does not involve drugs.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2017 / -- The blue light emitted by the LED is focused on the affected area.

When blue light is held on the skin, it penetrates the top layers and helps to kill acne bacteria (p.acnes). It also reduces inflammation and excess sebum (skin oil) which can cause acne breakouts.

But why blue light?

This lower intensity violet light does the best job of penetrating through the upper surface to the skin to where treatment is needed most. says, “Blue light covers the spectrum from 407 to 420 nm (nanometers). When blue light reaches the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin, it can excite compounds produced by acne bacteria called porphyrins. When excited by light, these porphyrins kill the bacteria.”

Bacteria is one of the main causes of acne.

We all have naturally occurring bacteria on the skin surface. Increased hormonal activity – during puberty for example – produces more sebum which can cause these bacteria to proliferate much faster than usual. When this happens, your body’s natural defense system becomes overloaded and the skin becomes out of balance,” states Marion Simms, owner of Skin Sense Wellness in LA. Skin Sense Wellness offers the LED blue light treatments.

Is this safe? Ms. Simms says “Yes.” The blue light does not emit UV radiation and contains a lower intensity light.

“What you will see from a treatment of LED blue light is a reduction in acne and less inflammation. We have had many clients come to the clinic not expecting immediate results. They have been surprised and pleased to see how well it works,” Simms says.

The treatment is good for anyone who has acne problems, teenagers and adults alike. Ms. Simms said acne can happen at any stage of life. The only criteria requires the client to be consistent with spa treatments and at home applications of LED blue light to boost results.

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