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Breakthrough Technology for Lithium Industry Poised to Propel MGX Minerals Inc. Valuation

MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE:XMG)(OTCQB:MGXMF) technology was a 2017 finalist for the Most Disruptive Technology in the World award by Katerva.

MGX Minerals Inc. (OTCQB:MGXMF)

New advanced brine processing technology proprietary to MGX Minerals Inc. solves the problem of magnesium in brine, opening up a whole new world of large lithium resource projects.”
— Mining MarketWatch Journal

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2017 / -- MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE: XMG) (OTCQB: MGXMF) is the subject of a Mining MarketWatch Journal review. MGX Minerals Inc. is a Canadian-based mining and clean technology processing company focused on commercializing new brine processing technology that gives the Company a significant advantage in the marketplace having solved the problem of magnesium (Mg) in lithium (Li) laden brine, able to deal with very complex/dirty brines. Up until now rich complex Li brine projects with high Mg:Li ratios have been passed over as technology did not exist to economically separate the two. MGX's proprietary/patented technology now positions scores of complex lithium brine projects (previously untouchable) across the globe ripe for production, with better economics than solar evaporation.

Full copy of the Mining Journal Review may be viewed at online.
It has only been since mid-summer-2017 that MGX Minerals Inc. has been able to accept any water for testing at its new pilot plant and demand is off-the-chain from both the petrolithium industry and interested (potentially very large) lithium pure-play stake holders. The Company's first small-scale (750 BPD) commercial rapid lithium extraction system is nearing completion, expected later this November-2017, and the construction of the first full commercial 7,500 Barrels-Per-Day (BPD) system using MGX's technology was announced this November 6, 2017, being made possible by $8.2M in government grants (representing a strong vote of confidence in the technology from the highest levels, and a free ride for shareholders).
The share price of MGX Minerals Inc. is poised for significant upward revaluation as the reality of the magnitude of wealth headed shareholders way is appreciated by the market. MGX Minerals Inc. is now active in advancing 3 distinct business lines stemming from what experts agree and results affirm (see Oct. 16, 2017 news "MGX Minerals Processes High Magnesium Content Lithium Brine of 76,000mg/L") is the worlds most advanced brine processing technology:

1) Petrolithium processing; involves capturing oil, natural gas, and minerals from oil & gas industry brine, leaving cleaner water behind. MGX Minerals is deploying the only technology that can deal with ultra-high total dissolved solids plaguing the oil & gas industry. The Company currently has ~20 testing and analysis agreements in place with almost every major oil company in Western Canada and a good number in the US, now talking with the biggest oil and gas companies, from Chesapeake to Shell. MGX Minerals is in the midst of turning out win-win proposals that solve major problems for industry and see MGX as the beneficiary of both significant dollar revenue and Lithium streams (MGX aims to negotiate contracts in the petrolithium sector that result in MGX Minerals keeping control of the lithium product).

2) Major Lithium pure-play; MGX Minerals is targeting Li from economic/high-grade brine projects, both complex (e.g. high magnesium) or clean. On a head-to-head basis with solar evaporation lithium analysts in-the-know now agree MGX's technology has superior characteristics of lower capex, better Li recoveries (70+% vs. 40%), lower opex, has a substantially smaller footprint than miles of evaporation ponds, is faster (8 hours end-to-end vs. 18 months), and turns the presence of magnesium on its head -- treating Mg as a valuable commodity that can be extracted for sale, instead of causing a project to be passed over. Many high magnesium lithium projects around the globe (from the Americas to China) are now being revisited because of MGX Minerals technology. It is a distinct reality now of MGX Minerals being at the center of projects with potential to generate 10s and even 100s of thousands of tonnes per annum of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide (the main saleable form of Li used by EV/Li-ion battery manufacturers). The Company is in the process of setting up a South America sales office in Chile.

3) Wastewater handling; MGX is also a clean-tech Company with the ability to treat and reclaim wastewater for the oil & gas industry, unparallel to anything currently in the market. The industry is ripe for technology shift in cost-savings from water handling. MGX can eliminate environmental issues, reduce disposal costs, and reduce the need for acquiring new water. MGX is a major owner (with the rights to acquire 100%) of PurLucid Treatment Solutions which is essentially the engineering, manufacturing, and development arm behind the breakthrough technology MGX Minerals controls exclusively. PurLucid has a contract for reprocessing steam water for oil sands using MGX Minerals technology, the construction of a full commercial 7,500 Barrels-Per-Day (BPD) system is being made possible by $8.2M in government grant -- this is the beginning roll-out of what we expect will be a robust water-handling business line.

Near-term share price target: $5+/share for CSE:XMG; MGX Minerals Inc. currently has a market cap of ~C$75.3 million (~77.6 million shares outstanding trading at ~$0.97/share), this Mining Journal projects that sometime in 2018 MGX Minerals Inc. will surpass $500M market cap, on its way to much much higher valuation, with little (if any) share dilution -- all translating to a significantly higher share price. The Company has a plethora of NDAs signed and is currently negotiating several commercial contracts. MGX has bulk sample tests from numerous primary sites and proposals are going out, no doubt the Company will land some of those. Over the coming months we expect the markets to witness revenue and lithium streaming contracts generated, and the question will become "How big does this get?" We expect to see a series of good size proposals being accepted, many covering millions of dollars each in lithium. Once MGX surpasses $10 million in revenues the market will start to price in serious projections and any perceived risk will melt away, accelerating valuation. As earnings play out and contracts take off a $1B market cap in 2019 is not unrealistic.

Full copy of the Mining Journal Review may be viewed at online.

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