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REVE Antivirus Users are Safe from Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack

REVE Antivirus protects from Bad Rabbit Ransomware

REVE Antivirus

REVE Antivirus

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A new family of ransomware-Bad Rabbit has hit computer networks.It tricks PC users to install an Adobe Flash installer from compromised websites.

Our malware lab has analyzed Bad Rabbit ransomware and we are happy that REVE Antivirus is capable of detecting & removing this threat.”
— Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO of REVE Antivirus
BUKIT BATOK, SINGAPORE, October 27, 2017 / -- A new Ransomware namely Bad Rabbit has hit the computer networks across Russia & Ukraine on October 24th. And as per reports, it has spread to some parts of Germany & Turkey making this a global threat. The working mechanism of Bad Rabbit is similar to earlier Petya or WannaCry Ransomware attacks where the victim’s data is locked and a ransom note is displayed for retrieval.

The name Bad Rabbit has been given to this malware due to the header mentioned on the ransom site. However, the actual name of Bad Rabbit is Diskcoder.d.

The new family of Ransomware appears to target not only individual computers but also corporate networks with ease. Bad Rabbit tricks computer users to install an Adobe Flash installer from compromised legitimate websites. The installer carries the actual Bad Rabbit malware in a ZLIB-packed overlay, which executes the Ransomware in the machine.

Bad Rabbit is considered highly infectious due to its implementation of Mimikatz, which lets the malware spread from one system to another across the network of an enterprise. The ransomware also interferes in the normal booting process of the computer preventing it from starting up.

REVE Antivirus has been closely monitoring this Bad Rabbit Ransomware since its outbreak. Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO of REVE Antivirus, said, “Our malware lab has analyzed this Ransomware and we are happy that REVE Antivirus is capable of detecting & removing this threat.”

Ransomware menace has been increasing with new variants of the malware appearing periodically. REVE Antivirus suggests users to keep their antivirus software updated and perform periodic scans.

About REVE Antivirus:

REVE Antivirus is a vertical of the Singapore based conglomerate the REVE Group. It has its development offices in India & Bangladesh with a customer base across 78+ countries. A Microsoft approved product, REVE Antivirus has gained certification from VB100 a security information portal, testing, and certification body and OPSWAT, a San Francisco-based software company. The product line of REVE Antivirus includes Antivirus, which is the basic version, Internet Security-a high-end product for internet users & Total Security- the complete digital security software. Apart from these, Windows Server Security software is also in the product portfolio of the brand. REVE Antivirus Free Trial can be taken from

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