Gov. Cuomo Promotes Top Official after Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Separate top Cuomo official, Patricia Gunning, alleges retaliation against her after blowing the whistle and reporting sexual harassment by her boss

Why would Governor Cuomo go after the whistle-blower that is a woman and refuse to fire the man she reported to be involved in sexual harassment?”
— Michael Carey- Advocate for people with disabilities and their families
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2017 / -- The New York Post broke this story titled “Top Cuomo official claims former boss sexually harassed employees” . This story was picked up by many media outlets including CBS News which added an important piece to this puzzle; their story is titled “Former Cuomo aide claims harassment by superior .

As sexual harassment is all over the national news right now, many women are coming out, demanding changes and firing of men that treat women with disdain and disrespect. Why would Governor Cuomo go after the whistle-blower that is a woman and refuse to fire the man she reported to be involved in sexual harassment? It would do Governor Cuomo well to listen and take advice from his own Secretary to the Governor, who has a story of sexual harassment of her own. Melissa DeRosa who is the youngest and first woman to ever become the Secretary to the Governor in New York State came out publicly within the week explaining some of the sexual harassment she endured climbing up the ladder in the workplace.

In a Keynote Address Secretary DeRosa is directly quoted saying, “So let’s start with the truth. Sexism and misogyny is alive and well. And let’s be clear: despite recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein, it isn’t new. Sexism and misogyny exist in obvious and latent forms.” Later in the same speech Secretary DeRosa get’s more vivid and candid remembering hearing a man who she says is now a national leader in progressive politics saying over the phone on a conference call which Secretary DeRosa heard “She can take the lead right up to my hotel room.”

We do not know yet what the exact sexual harassment allegations are regarding Jay Kiyonaga, the top Cuomo official alleged to be involved in both sexual harassment and workplace violence, but one thing for sure is that none of this type of behavior can be tolerated. What is extremely important to bring to the forefront is that instead of being fired, Jay Kiyonaga who was the Acting Executive Director of Governor Cuomo’s extremely controversial Justice Center which has a history of covering up abuse was promoted to become the Deputy Commissioner within the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). When sexual predator's are protected from prosecution they remain on the streets and able to sexually violate other innocent people, possibly your child?

The crazy twist to this story is that both individuals directly involved, both Mr. Kiyonoaga and Miss Gunning, were the number one and two top officials in charge at Governor Andrew Cuomo’s run State abuse hotline for people with disabilities wrongfully titled the “Justice Center” that receives staggering amounts of reports of sexual assaults and rapes of residents with disabilities. Numerous requests to Governor Cuomo and his top staff to fire both Miss Gunning and Mr. Kiyonaga dating back many months for their part in making most internally reported sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled disappear have gone ignored.

There should be zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace and major changes would absolutely come swiftly if all people engaged in such practices are immediately fired and held to account. As an advocate for people with disabilities, people involved in covering up sex crimes against our most vulnerable must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, not promoted and elevated. Protecting people that engage in such sick and criminal behavior allows sexual predators and rapists to remain within New York State’s extremely dangerous mental health care system to rape other innocent and extremely vulnerable children and adults . This extremely sick story reveals a New York State mental health care system culture that is rampant with sexual abuse of residents with disabilities. The man who was finally caught after years of sexually abusing a disabled boy that was criminally prosecuted called New York State’s system “a predator’s dream.” Thank God that much of these things that are happening in the dark are coming to light now and people are beginning to speak up more against such gross injustices. When anyone remains silent and looks the other way and is complicit sick people and criminals escape justice and harm other innocent victims, remember the Saduski sex abuse and cover-ups by Penn State.

The good news is that both Jay Kiyonaga and Patricia Gunning no longer are able to be part of covering-up sex crimes against the disabled within the Justice Center. The bad news though is that it is believed that Jay Kiyonaga is still a danger to the safety, health and lives of people with disabilities and possibly women as well within OPWDD. Governor Cuomo should finally heed my requests for Mr. Kiyonaga’s immediate termination from New York State employment.

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