Employees are key to cyber security but 55% do not recall any training

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Cyber security training for employees could help nearly half UK workforce be more aware of threats as one in five say they could not identify a phishing email.

ELY, UNITED KINGDOM, October 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A recent article in The Times says that staff awareness is not up to speed with the growing threat of cyber attacks and that one in five employees are not sure they could identify a phishing email (a legitimate-looking email designed to extract information from the user). Those who had received training showed a much higher understanding of recognising and responding to cyber attacks.

As technology has developed and become more widely used across global organisations, phishing has become the favoured method of cyber criminals to gain information, such as account details and passwords. The Business Continuity Institute’s Cyber Resilience Report 2017 states that 57% of cyber security attacks were caused by phishing and social engineering, with 15% of organisations surveyed reporting more than ten cyber incidents in the past year.

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) drawing closer, organisations should be thinking about the security measures required to prevent the risk of a data breach and the potential damage that could follow. One of the key elements of achieving a privacy by design approach is adequate training to help employees recognise phishing and other cyber attacks, which could prove harmful if not dealt with correctly.

Founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, Alan Calder, said: “Social engineering is a rapidly evolving threat. It is essential that professionals receive appropriate training to effectively deal with incidents and help organisations to avoid reputational damage from cyber attacks.”

IT Governance offers a comprehensive Security Awareness Programme to help organisations create a culture of data security. Tailored to each business based on their requirements, the programme provides a bespoke training platform that informs staff of the signs and risks of social engineering, reducing the scope for human error and improving organisational measures against cyber threats.

For organisations looking to align themselves with the technical requirements of the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme, our Cyber Essentials Toolkit can provide the documentation to get started with a risk-based approach to cyber security.

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