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Jim Benkendorf

Luke Moyer

Ravi Kiron

BSMA's 10th Annual Conference will address how collaboration for optimization at the head end of the supply chain is an imperative.

It was heartening to see so many of the attendees speak so highly of what you have accomplished for the Global Supply Chain space over the years and be their voice to enhance awareness and support....”
CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 1, 2017 / -- Foster City, California, September 27, 2017: Eminent executives of the bio-pharma industry will focus on how to meet the formidable challenges of drug development. A 2014 study done by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development indicated that developing a new prescription medicine that gains marketing approval, a process often lasting more than a decade, is estimated to cost $2.6 billion. The 10th Annual Conference of BSMA on October 12, 2017 in Foster City, CA titled “DRIVING INNOVATIONS & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMING BIO-PHARMA”, will address how collaboration for optimization at the head end of the supply chain is an imperative. Technology enablers and service providers are facilitating the adoption of disruptive technologies of digital, Internet, data analytics and artificial intelligence to reduce cost of medicine and time to market. For details of the conference program, Click Here.

“Outsourcing the Clinical Supply Chain: Is a Single Provider Strategy the Solution?”
Under pressure to jumpstart productivity and reduce the time and cost of shepherding new drugs from laboratory through licensure, the biopharmaceutical industry began globalizing clinical trials about 15 years ago. This continued globalization has precipitated a spike in the operational and strategic obstacles faced by clinical trial professionals. Outsourcing models are discussed – multiple vendors versus single provider, with case study examples and guidance on top tips for success. The critical challenges faced by startup, small and mid-sized companies will also be addressed.
Jim Benkendorf, General Manager, Fisher Clinical Services

“Navigating the ASIA-PACIFIC Clinical Supply Chain for Accelerated & Efficient Drug Development”
Representing 60% of the world’s population, Asia continues to rise to the forefront of the clinical trial arena with an estimated 25% of global clinical trials taking place in Asian countries. The presentation will highlight unique clinical supply chain challenges and strategies required to achieve success for the conduct of trials in this varied and nuanced regulatory landscape.
Luke Moyer, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Almac

"Integrating Planning and Logistics to Maximize Effectiveness of Clinical Trials Through a Data-driven, Systems Approach"
Solutions of Information Technology drive the holy grail of clinical supply chain which ties all stakeholders together for speed to market, improved outcomes of clinical trials and cost efficiency. This panel will address how operations planning, information systems, business practices and collaboration are improving the outcomes, accountability and visibility in the supply chain consisting of clinical operations and clinical supply with trials management and 3rd party service providers. Topics covered will include patient enrollment forecasting and real time updating, managing inventory with MRP and performing drug accountability and reconciliation, including returns.

• Bill Coakley, Senior Director, Global Supply Chain, BioMarin
• Kevin Shea, Senior Label Program Director, Clintrak Clinical Labeling
• Moderator: Ravi Kiron, Head, BioPharma External Innovation West Coast, EMD Serono

Conference Overview:
Since the inception of BSMA ten years ago, the conference has been recognized to be the most informative, interactive, technology-enabling and solution-sharing event in the bio-pharma space where drug manufacturers lead, academia provides research, and service providers build the extended supply chain. The collaboration with Biocom, Biomedical Manufacturing Network, the City of Fremont, CSCMP and the Keck Graduate Institute, is driven by the mission to empower small and mid-sized companies to further the resurgence of manufacturing in California.

Devendra Mishra
Bio Supply Management Alliance
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BSMA Launches in Boston, 2017