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Ann Hunter Photography to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

When things in life get to be too much, I grab my camera, jump in my Jeep and I’m gone.”
— Ann Hunter

PAYSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2017 / -- We have so much inner life that we’re not aware of unless something helps us tap into it. Art and creativity offer the tools for self-discovery. The camera, the brush, the instrument, becomes an extension of you. You’re not holding a camera. You are the camera.

Ann Hunter had moved to Phoenix in 1996 seeking a fresh start that was almost immediately disrupted by a major car accident. It took Hunter three years to recover from the accident, and in those years many people came to visit her. One of them was a college professor volunteering at the hospital.

“He said ‘Ann I have an idea,’” recalls Hunter. “’Someday when you feel better I would like you to do an exercise for me. Take a pencil and close your eyes and allow your hand to dance freely on the paper.’ Don’t think, remember to feel and simply begin.

“I never saw him again but his suggestion changed my life. Months later I performed the exercise and it began a fascinating journey of self-discovery. I discovered what was possible from within me that up to this point I had no idea I had potential to access. And even though I was terribly injured I could work on these things. As time went on, I worked through the 3 major mediums of art and ultimately I discovered photography."

This journey of healing led to a new awareness. Hunter realized that the camera and all the mediums of art were simply and most importantly a tool of self-discovery that also helped her to develop a keen sensory perception that ultimately allowed her to discover the true beauty of life, even on her worst days.

Today Ann Hunter is a professional photographer

“When things in life get to be too much, I grab my camera, jump in my Jeep and I’m gone,” says Hunter. “I’m going to walk the land, talk to people. It’s so renewing and I come back all brand new again.”

In 2017, it seems everyone is a photographer. But being a professional photographer requires more than just a good eye. It’s about engaging all the senses, capturing a subject’s personality: who they are and what they want and ultimately delivering a great product.

“It’s photography but it’s so much more,” says Hunter. “The creative process is absolutely amazing. It helps to frame my life and I continue to define it better each time. If I keep remembering where I came from and have fun with the process, my work is hopefully going to be incredible. That’s when my finest work comes. Some people get so serious. I’m just having a incredibly good time simply being myself.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Ann Hunter in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 29th at 2pm EDT.

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