British Beauty Industry Leader Omayma Ramzy Takes Fashion World by Storm

Model Emma Holley in Makeup by Omayma Ramzy. Photography by Piers Bosler

British Beauty Industry Leader Omayma Ramzy Takes Fashion World by Storm, having worked with some of the Biggest Names in Modeling and Film.

The more you work with new people, experience their visions, their ideas, and contribute your ideas too, the better!”
— Omayma Ramzy

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 23, 2017 / -- Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Business Leader Omayma Ramzy recently expanded from her homeland of London, England, branching out as an international artist, and in great demand. Serving as President and CEO of her own Makeup and Styling Company, Omayma still finds the time to work herself as one of the very few, top Lead Makeup Artist's to the stars, and for some of the biggest designers and production companies in the world of global entertainment.

Serving as the Lead Makeup Artist on top new films starring Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monahan, and Leah Thompson, Omayma most recently worked on "The Year of Spectacular Men," written by and starring Maddie Deutch. The established international talent behind the scenes has done makeup on countless other stars including; Georgie Flores (Famous In Love), Jessica Gomes, Jade & Tanner Tolbert (The Bachelor), and Marisol Nichols (Riverdale), among others. Omayma also just did makeup for the film "Anthem," starring Peyton List and Cameron Monaghan, as well as "External Living," directed by fashion photography powerhouse Ben Cope. The star Makeup Artist even just did both makeup and hair on Sofia Vergara’s new underwear line "Empowered by You," coming soon to stores world-wide.

In addition, Omayma Ramzy has done commercial work with global brands including; Sparkling ICE, Ford, Cisco, Buzzfeed, Target, Samsung, and many more. The Star Makeup Artist's outstanding work for national and international print publications dominate the beauty industry as Lead Make Up Artist for magazines including; NYLON, I-D Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, and Damaged Goods Magazine--shot by Mynxii White, among others. Omayma's work on TV shows include KTLA, and Hollywood Today Live. She was also recently interviewed as one of the world's leading makeup experts, for the international fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine NYLON.

U.K. born Omayma got her start at Fine Art School, fulfilling her degree in painting and fine art. She states, "I was staring at the canvas one day, at it just kind of struck me. I had been painting people for a while and I found having a live subject quite inspiring. One day I thought I’d play around with the idea of painting a face, and it just kind of took off from there!"

She first studied makeup at the Illamasqua School of Makeup Art. "I got to learn so many creative techniques and had such great mentoring from the teachers there," she states. "After I took some of their classes, I went on to the prestigious London College of Fashion and achieved the University Degree in Hair and Makeup for Film and T.V," she adds, "It was a blast!" She states that it was here that she learned wig making, special effects, understanding characters and story, prosthetics, period makeup, and hair, and much more.

Omayma admits that not any amount of training can prepare a person as much as experience does. She reveals, "The training definitely put me at an advantage over those who had not received formal training, however--boy did I graduate with a lot to learn!" She adds, "Having on-set experience really is what built me as an artist. The more you work with new people and experience their visions and ideas, and contribute your ideas too--the better!"

When asked what the best part of her job is, Omayma Ramzy admits, "I would say the best part of being a Makeup Artist is collaborating with a team to create art. I love how we all have our own take on a particular vision, and get to bounce off of each other to create something better than any of us had initially thought of. It’s a case of several parts making the bigger whole--And I love it!"

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