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Beating back pain with a chiropractor in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills chiropractor

According to the Mayo Clinic, chiropractic adjustments can help beat low back pain and it’s done without drugs or surgery.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2017 / -- Dr. Amin Javid, a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, also studies the effects on patients and has published reports in the ACA News.

“While a lot of my work is focused on the knee, I also do back treatments. Back problems are the most common complain for which people seek chiropractic care today,” Dr. Javid said. “Chiropractic does relieve a lot of back pain in many people without the need for injections, drugs or surgery.”

Avoiding the harsher measures is the reason people with bank pain first seek spinal manipulation. Dr. Javid’s work goes beyond the simple adjustments as done in most clinics.

“We try to find the underlying problem with the pain. What cause it and why. It’s one thing to remove the pain, but quite another to stop the pain from occurring in the first place,” he said. “The reasons for back pain are as varied as the people who suffer, but we have found some very common reasons.”

• Weight. Being overweight adds stress to the back. Dr. Javid said the weight problem doesn’t have to be a large bell. Women with very large breasts often have back and neck pain caused by that weight.

• Posture. How people sit and stand affects the back a lot, he said. “Sometimes we find that something as simple as getting a different chair to sit in makes a huge a difference,” he said.

• Bad shoes. Dr. Javid said a growing body of medical evidence is proving that ill-fitting shoes leads to back pain. The problem starts in the feet and ankles, which have to adjust first to the shoe. Then, the leg must shift which creates unnecessary strains on the back.

• Heavy lifting. “This one should not surprise anyone. Occasionally we see someone whose job involved a lot of lifting. They come for relief, but also to see what we can suggest to them to make their job easier,” he said. “We’re glad to offer that advice.”

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