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Motorcycle wrecks lead list in major injuries and fatalities

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Motorcycle riders are several time more likely to be in a wreck, suffer severe injury and even death than a person in a passenger vehicle.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2017 / -- “Bikers call passenger vehicles ‘cages’ because the driver is encased in car, just like someone put in a cage. The sheer mass of the vehicle and the support structure go a long way to preventing injury in a wreck,” said Joshua Zokaeem, lead attorney at The Capital Law Firm in LA. “Bikers do not have that protection.”

When vehicles and motorcycles collide, bikers get hurt. Zokaeem’s firm specializes in getting injured bikers the help they need. He’s helped hundred of bikers across the LA region and has learned a few things which he passed along.

“If you are ever in an accident, do not talk to anyone except law enforcement. Don’t argue with the cage driver,” he said. “You can’t do anything, you can’t settle anything and you cannot make a difference at the scene, except to possibly make things worse,”

Always get medical attention, he said. If an ambulance is called, get in and go to the hospital.

“Don’t worry about the bill and don’t worry about the emergency room charges. Your health is most important,” he said. “You need to make sure you are physically fine. Sometimes injuries won’t show up until hours or days later after the adrenalin were worn off.”

As soon as the biker is able to call for an attorney, he says to do so. Most accident claims attorneys will make hospital visits and the attorney’s at The Capital Law Firm will make time to come to you.

It is about you at this point. If the accident happens on a weekend or a night and you are able call, do it,” he said. “The sooner your attorney can start working on your case and claim, the more likely you will be satisfied with the outcome.”

Above all, do not talk to the other person’s insurance company. Mr. Zokaeem said a representative may call. If so, just refer the insurance company person to the lawyer handling the case.

“Insurance companies are all about making money, not paying out claims. Anything you say to them will be used to try to not pay your claim,” he said.

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