RVPlusYou Announces New Disaster Relief Policy in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Company waives RV Rental booking fees through September for hurricane victims, and encourages owners to offer discounts on RV rentals

We're encouraging some Texas Hospitality for folks who have lost their home. Share your RV and we'll waive our fees”
— Russ Lovell, Co-Founder

HOUSTON, TEXAS (TX), USA, August 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, RVPlusYou has decided to implement a new disaster relief policy that does two things. First, they will waive their booking fees normally charged to renters. In this case through the month of September, for those affected in Texas, they will be getting a break when they rent an RV through the website for their temporary housing.

Second, they will reach out to RV owners throughout Texas and ask them to share their RV with those affected. "If you own an RV, list it and give a break on price to a fellow Texan in need," says Russ Lovell, managing partner and co-founder. "Cover your costs if you have to but give a fellow Texan a break on the price so that they can get back on their feet."

RVPlusYou is an RV Rental by owner booking engine and reservation software website dedicated to "RV Vacation Rentals". What makes them different is that renters don't drive or tow the RV. The RV owners deliver their rented RV to a campground, or other destination, chosen by the renter. No need to drive a big box or own a tow vehicle to use an RV. This is How it works.

RV damage usually happens in transit, not while it's set up and being used. Therefore the company offers a safer RV rental alternative to RV owners engaging in a private rental transaction. Giving someone your keys and letting them drive your RV adds more miles and more risk of damage, claims the company. This business model is the perfect solution for Harvey victims.

RV's are delivered for camping, events, home remodels, or for temporary housing during disasters such as Harvey. How to book is easy. Simply find the RV through a location search on the website, then check availability with the owner. If the owner approves your request, you can book and pay for it right online.

RVPlusYou recently opened the Texas market for RV rentals and was already in the process of looking for RV owners when the hurricane hit. They're hoping to find RV owners who would like to earn some extra income from what is normally an idle asset.

Now they're asking owners to put their RV to work for Hurricane victims and after clean up owners can offer it at normal pricing for events, camping, vacations, tailgating, or temporary housing during a home remodel.

RVPlusYou is a privately owned company based in California.

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