RVPlusYou Opens Texas Market for Delivered RV Rentals - Ahead of Hurricane Harvey

Delivered RV Rental - Wine Country RV Resort

Delivered RV Rental - Wine Country RV Resort

New RV Rental listings in Texas now available for temporary accommodations, camping, or vacation rentals

Texas is known for their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and rugged self-reliance. Our business model fits this spirit to a tee.”
— Russ Lovell

HOUSTON, TEXAS (TX), USA, August 26, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- RVPlusYou has announced plans to expand into Texas, one of the top 5 RV Vacation Rental markets in the country. By introducing their one-of-a-kind "RV rental delivered" business model to the second largest state in the country, RVPlusYou opens up a huge new market for renters who don't want to drive or tow an RV rental.

"There are over 9 million RV's in the US, and 1 in 10 RV owners are either looking for ways to generate extra income from their RV, or they're already doing it," says Russ Lovell, Managing Partner and Co-Founder. "That's almost a million potential RV's inventoried for potential RV rentals."

The RV Rental website boasts opportunities for RV owners to earn extra income without the typical high mileage and damage from driven RV rentals. For renters; they simply show up to their destination, in their own car, and start enjoying their outdoor experience because the RV owner does all the work of delivering and setting it up.

"Sharing your RV with others makes perfect sense for both parties," claims Lovell. "RV Owners earn extra income in a safe way, and RV renters can enjoy the outdoors comfortably without having deal with the hassle and expense of owning one."

Already Texas RV Owners are beginning to take notice of the start up RV Rental company. A quick Google search reveals RV owners who have already found the website and listed their RV; "and that's happened with no advertising," says Cees Dobbe, CFO of the young company.

Lovell's partner, Cees Dobbe points out that RV's can be used for temporary housing as well as for vacations. Their decision to move into Texas comes at a time when not only individuals must consider temporary housing, but also government agencies who are responsible for thousands of newly homeless families due to Hurricane Harvey.

While millions of Texans are dealing with the pending disaster, housing will be at the top of everyone's mind in short order. RVPlusYou plans to introduce their model to those RV owners in the state who are capable and open to the Alternative Housing concept. The company is hoping more Texans will share their RV and offer up a good deal for their neighbors.

This RV Rental model is unique because most RV rental companies, such as Cruise America or Apollo, operate like a car rental business. You rent the vehicle online, pick up the keys at the lot and drive away. In many cases, this is exactly what the renter is looking for; transportation and accommodations.

But what about those who don't feel comfortable driving a big box or towing a heavy trailer down the highway? RVPlusYou fits that bill perfectly. Millennials who have never driven anything bigger than a Prius, or couples who want to camp, but just don't feel comfortable driving or setting up a big complicated RV now have options.

The two partners claim that the market for vacation rentals is much larger than the classic RV rental market which is around $350 million. Combine the current RV rental market with that of the Vacation Rental market at around $100 billion, and you have a lot of opportunity. Texas makes perfect sense given the size of the supply and demand, plus the love of the outdoors that Texans are known for.

RVPlusYou is growing at a "manageable" rate, the two co-founders claim. "We want to get it right," they say. "It's never been done before. We're putting a mobile vacation rental online and making it available to novice campers for booking at multiple locations that change with each rental. No driving, show up and it's ready for check in at your destination. It's a complicated booking process so we'll take the time to get it right."

What does it cost? "The cost to list on RVPlusYou is zero, it's free. RVPlusYou charges 3% to the RV owner to cover the transaction cost, but that's only when we bring a renter and owner together," says Dobbe. "We charge a booking fee to the renter, which is how we make money."

The website is now ready to accommodate Texas RV owners willing to share their RV with those affected by Hurricane Harvey. It's the free market at work using state of the art technology to bring vacation rentals and mobile housing to where it's needed.

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