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Write Your Congressman–For Toilet Paper?

George Kayer, Author

George Kayer, America's most published prisoner was refused a roll of toilet paper along with other inmates. Lt. Anderson (a prison guard at Arizona's Death Row) said: "If you don't like the rules here, write your congressman."

Joseph Anderson, Lieutenant Florence, AZ

"If you don't like the rules here, write your congressman" said Lt. Anderson to a group of Death Row inmates seeking toilet paper. One of those prisoners is America's most published prisoners-oops.

Scott Nordstrom

Scott Nordstrom is the man who moved Death Row. On July 19 the AZ DOC moved Death Row when Nordstrom won the conditions of confinement lawsuit March 3, 2017. See Nordstrom v. Ryan 2:15-CV-02176-DGC-J2B (10.29.15) and Id. at DKT. 39

Famous Author Told to Write Congressman for Toilet Paper

'If you don't like the rules here, write your Congressman', said Lt. Anderson to a group of Death Row inmates seeking toilet paper.”
— Lt. Anderson, Central Unit
FLORENCE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2017 / -- Lt. Anderson (a prison guard) tells famous author, George Kayer and other inmates on Death Row, "If you don't like the rules here, write your Congressman."

Tensions are rising and sphincters are tightening among Arizona's death row population who were recently moved (July 19th) from supermax facility at Browning unit to Central unit, another maximum custody facility.

The problems stem from the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) failing to honor the conditions promised to Inmates when the ADC lost yet another lawsuit by an inmate.

The ADC was suppose to transfer it's death row population to a lower custody, level four yard with more privileges. Instead, the ADC tricked the inmates, sending them to another max custody unit with less, not more privileges.

Placing some context to Lt. Anderson's quote: "Write your Congressman", Mr. Kayer, Roger Murry, (the author of Life on Death Row) and a few other Inmates were attempting to ask Lt. Anderson serious questions on August 10th 2017.
"Anderson being in a position of authority we hoped he'd have some much needed answers to our squalid living conditions," said Kayer.

The cause for much of the unrest is that the prison store at Central unit, unlike Browning unit, refuses to sell Death Row prisoners toilet paper among numerous other items promised in the lawsuit. And, Central unit passes out one ply toilet paper only once every ten days–period.

Mr. Kayer and others with medical issues requiring more than one roll per ten days currently have zero options. Getting approved by medical for extra toilet paper could require six months and waiting for a Congressman to send a roll: when pigs fly, pun intended.

"Anderson's flippant comment is typical of the ADC's attitude about their legal obligation to honor the courts order," said Mr. Kayer.

"I feel like we've all been tricked, including the judge. Guys here are killing six to eight large cockroaches in their cells everyday! My cell rarely gets below 88-90 degrees and cells here are 6x10: dog kennels are larger.

Look, employee attitudes flow from the top down. All these problems can be solved with one signature and 30 minutes on a computer."

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