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DR YIELD Introduces new Multivariate Monitoring Module for Semiconductor Test and Manufacturing Data

Make the Invisible Visible. Introducing the new Multivariate Monitoring Module.

GRAZ, AUSTRIA, August 8, 2017 / -- DR YIELD, one of the leading providers of yield management software, announces the release of the new Multivariate Monitoring Module, now available as an add-on to DR YIELD’s YieldWatchDog 3.6 yield control software.

The new Multivariate Monitoring Module allows its users to get the maximum out of their data. It allows them to go beyond what is visible when looking at single parameters – statistical calculations enable the correlation of multiple parameters and to detect behavior that is only visible when looking at a group of parameters. Extremely fast processing and calculation times are assured by deploying mechanisms such as the Principle Component Analysis.

The figure on illustrates the timeline of two key parameters after a malfunctioning of a tool: The univariate monitoring of Parameters 1 and 6 does not show any anomalies in the data, as both remain inside their respective control limits. The Multivariate Monitoring Module (lower chart) correlates the parameters and is able to identify the problem immediately after its occurrence because it detects a change in the correlation between the parameters. Due to the immediate warning issued by YieldWatchDog, engineers are able to apply corrective actions much earlier.

“We have seen situations where - despite the utmost care from the manufacturers – it took up to several days until an incident in the manufacturing process was detected - simply because univariate statistics are unable to interrelate multiple parameters”, says CEO Dieter Rathei. “As many defects cannot be seen by looking at only one parameter at a time, we introduced the Multivariate Module that allows the correlation of multiple parameters. Once a specific composition of parameters has been defined, YieldWatchDog will automatically control the data set 24/7 and users will be notified as soon as any irregularities occur in the data. For anyone who wants to get maximum insight into the data, the Multivariate Monitoring Module is an essential instrument.”

More information about all the functions and possibilities of YieldWatchDog 3.6 is available at

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