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Non-Surgical Treatments for Penis Extensions Highlighted Following Tragic Death in Sweden

Dr Jayson Oates highlights the benefits of non surgical methods for penis augmentation offered by CALIBRE Clinic.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, August 7, 2017 / -- Dr Jayson Oates of CALIBRE Clinic is reinforcing the importance of improving the safety of treatments for penile enlargement, following the death of a 30-year-old man in Sweden during penis augmentation surgery, as reported by the Journal of Forensic Science, July 11 2017.

Surgical treatment for penis extension involves the division of the suspensory ligament – this holds the penis to the underside of the pelvic bone. With this surgical option, scaring is likely, it’s necessary to use stretching exercises for a long time after the operation, and there is also the chance the penis will actually retract and get shorter after the operation. This surgery tends also to only impact on the flaccid rather than erect length of the penis. Surgery to increase penis girth involves stitching strips of ‘dermofat’ (which are taken from the buttocks) under the skin of the penis.

Free Fat Transfer (FFT) involves lipsoctioning fat from elsewhere on the body and reinjection into the penis. It has the benefit of being natural, as most guys have plenty of fat to use for the procedure, but a lot of fat dies in the process and as it dies after reinjection it tends to not disappear evenly, leaving lumps and depressions. FFT has more severe and more numerous complications than any other cosmetic procedure. These complications have included blindness and strokes.

As reported in the Journal of Forensic Science a man recently died whilst undergoing penis extension surgery in Sweden. The patient was undergoing suspensory ligament division surgery, as well as having 60ml of fat transferred via injection into the penis. While undergoing surgery he suffered a cardiac arrest from fat embolism. Attempts to resuscitate the man were unsuccessful. What should have been a minor treatment ended up with a tragic outcome.

Dr Jayson Oates has the developed the CALIBRE procedure for penile augmentation. This is a non surgical and minimally invasive technique, with proven results. which mitigates many of the risks of surgical solutions. CALIBRE involves the injection of dermal fillers below the skin of the penis, over between one and three separate treatment sessions. CALIBRE is carried out using a very fine (0.7 mm thick) blunt cannula, not needles and the process is carried slowly and carefully, preventing accidental injection in to a vein. Using a hyaluronic acid that can be totally dissolved, even if it was injected somewhere it’s not meant to be the situation can be treated. In the millions of treatments with Hyaluronic Acid performed on the face and body worldwide this complication has never been reported. CALIBRE will increase the girth of the penis in both flaccid and erect states, and sometimes also flaccid length when larger volumes are injected due to the increased weight of the penis.

CALIBRE isn’t a permanent treatment – top up sessions are required every 18 – 24 months, but “what it is, is the safest medical treatment there is that reliably increases the girth of the penis” said Dr Oates, medical director of CALIBRE Clinic. CALIBRE Clinic can be found in both Perth and Sydney, and more details regarding penis extension and other treatments can be found on their website

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