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ACC GLOBAL MEDIA Features Mindful Awareness/Recovery Coach & Psychotherapist Joanne Barian



ACC GLOBAL NEWS will proudly feature Mindful Awareness/Recovery Coach & Psychotherapist Joanne Barian on Addiction Recovery & Awareness

Whether suffering from STRESS or ADDICTION, Joanne Barian is one of the most qualified Coaches in America to help you change your life.”
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2017 / -- ACC Global Media

Joanne Barian
Phone: 414-412-3657

Show Date:
Tuesday August 1st at 1pm EST

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Joanne Barian of Inner Soul Healing

Milwaukee, WI– “It’s never too late to be what you were meant to become.” This is the mission of Joanne Barian, Holistic Psychotherapist, Addiction Specialist, Inspirational Life & Soul Coach and founder of Inner Soul Healing. Too often people become bogged down and trapped by overwhelming negative experiences and feelings. Failed efforts lead to traumatic memories that can be too powerful to overcome… that is until you experience a session with Joanne Barian.

In working with Joanne, people from all backgrounds will embark on a truly judgement free transformational journey set to enlighten, awaken and rejuvenate your inner spirit and power from within. Joanne endured her own personal battles that pushed her to personal limits. After her journey out of the darkness, she found the light, freedom, wellness and balance that she genuinely yearned for and deserved. She’s taken her personal story of triumph and dedicated her time to assisting others through a wide array of issues that include depression, anxiety, stress, conflict management and addiction to name a few.

Joanne incorporates her personal experience with her impressive educational background that includes certifications in Life Coaching, Holistic Psychotherapy and a Master’s in Social Work with specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. At, people can view the variety of programs Joanne provides to fit each of every client need.

With sessional work in person, by phone, Skype and Zoom; Joanne has a global reach to meet her expanding client base. Joanne also conducts webinars, speaking engagements, offers downloadable sessions and in the near future will be offering an aftercare program for those recovering from addiction.

“Helping individuals has always been my life’s mission, vision, and purpose, having a sense of commitment and passion for helping others find healthy and workable solutions in making effective changes in their lives. In a concerted effort with my clients, I help them to develop constructive measures of remembering, realizing, and revealing their soul purpose, assisting clients in uncovering their natural born gifts, talents, & successes. Assisting them in becoming their “Authentic Selves” by teaching constructive methods of tapping into their potential & assisting in the process of learning to give graciously, receive gratefully, believe dearly, love deeply & live consciously”, exclaims Barian.

Joanne Barian will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio at on Tuesday August 1st at 1pm EST. For more information visit email or call 414-412-3657.

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