I love working with Military individuals because I enjoy serving those that were willing to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we American's take for granted every day.”
— T.C. Cooksley
CULPEPER, VIRGINIA , USA, July 12, 2017 / -- ‘T.C.’ Cooksley is an accomplished, impassioned and brilliant Real Estate agent with United Real Estate in Reston, Virginia. T.C. loves all aspects of Real Estate and says, “I love to meet interesting people. Every transaction is unique. Everyday is different because every person is different. It’s flexible and I get to work from home. I love helping people, which is wonderful! I’m giving them a service that they want and need.”

T.C. was born in Elmira, New York and raised in Van Etten. Her 3 older siblings were born in Kanawha County, West Virginia. She says, “We were always 'outsiders' in Van Etten. We were not related to anyone, and they nicknamed my Dad, ‘Reb’ because we were from West Virginia. Apparently, they did not realize that ‘West’ Virginia was annexed from Virginia because they sided with the North! We spent summers with family in West Virginia.”

T.C.’s father went into the coal mines at the ripe age of 12 years old in a West Virginia mine to help support his family. He joined the U.S. Army to serve in the Korean War. Education was very important to him because it wasn't something he had time to complete. Her mom's father was a store owner, and ran moonshine in his bread truck during prohibition in West Virginia. Her Mother died when she was 9 and mom ended up living in a boarding school for a time.

T.C. graduated from Spencer-VanEtten High School with a Certificate in Business from SCT TEC Center and a Regents High School Diploma. “Regents Diploma from NY in the 1980’s is like graduating with AP Class Awards today.” She says, “The Certificate from the TEC Center was equal to a year of college.”

T.C. attended Cornell University with a Major in Landscape Design and a Minor in Horticulture, while simultaneously enlisting in the United States Army Reserves. Reflecting back, she says, “I left Cornell before graduating for personal issues. I had relatives with a habit of leaving their children - literally - on my doorstep without asking, so I needed to move away. I finished my college education with a Bachelors of Business Administration through Almeda University.”

While living in Albany, New York, T.C. worked at a landscaping company where they paid men more money than women, so she went across the street and got a job in the mortgage division of a savings & loan. A Real Estate License came in handy at the Savings and Loan.

Always adventurous, T.C. went on a camping trip, alone, to Manchester, Massachusetts. Within a week, she found a job and a place to live and resigned from the bank. In 1992 she took a year off to have her son, Adam, and worked part-time, as a Paralegal for her friend, Thomas Behanna’s Real Estate Law Attorney’s office. She did Real Estate closings and Title work. She then went into mortgage sales because, “I could be more flexible with my hours and spend more time with my son.”

A beloved high school teacher, whom she called her ‘Aunt’, invited her to come stay at her house in Rome, Pennsylvania. T.C. helped her Aunt with her wedding photography business and it was there that she got her Insurance series 6 and 7 licenses so she could sell annuities and life insurance. She worked predominantly in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area.

T.C. met her husband, Alan, at a local park while pushing her son on a swing set. They got married. He worked at IBM while she got into Property Management. They had rentals in Pennsylvania and New York, before deciding to move to Fredericksburg, Virginia. She says, “I consider that 'home.' It’s a wonderful, diverse community where I felt accepted. After my mom died, I saw no reason to return to Upstate New York, where mom was cremated. I had a lot on my plate here because I also worked in commercial development in North Carolina when I moved to Fredericksburg.”

T.C. and Alan decided to adopt two children from Russia; Ruslan at the age of 5 and Carolyn at the age of 3. Whom she homeschooled for a few years with her son, Adam. Ruslan is now in his 3rd year at Virginia Commonwealth University and Carolyn is in her 3rd year at Regent University. Adam works for Dish Network as an installer and lives with his girlfriend, Kat.

As life happens, things change. T.C, and Alan went their separate ways and she met her current husband Charles online. She says, “Chuck was funny. He amused me. He works in HVAC and is good at what he does. He served in the Navy and lost his wife to cancer. He cared for her and their 4 children until she died. That endeared him to me.”

It was important for T.C. to obtain her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification in 2013. She says, “My sister, Patricia, was in the Air Force for 12 years, my brother Robert served in the Army for 8 years and my uncles were in the Navy, during WWII and Korea. I love working with Military individuals because I enjoy serving those that were willing to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we American's take for granted every day. I have traveled a great deal of the world and the U.S. I've seen enough and heard enough to know that our freedoms are treasures we simply take for granted, but people from other countries do not take them for granted. Generations of my family have fought to protect those rights, and I am honored to assist anyone who also believed as strongly as we do, that our country truly is worth protecting and fighting for.”

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