Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Works on Finding Celebrity Donal Logue's Missing Daughter

Rose Stuart; Psychic to the Stars

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Works on Finding Missing 16 Year Old Jade Smith--Daughter of Gotham Star Donal Logue

I feel It is all a big hoax. I feel that Jade is not really kidnapped but that she is trying to scare her family or get back at them for something, but I feel that she could still be in danger...”
— Rose Stuart

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2017 / -- The 16 year old daughter of TV's Gotham star Donal Logue--Jade Smith, has been reportedly missing for over a week now, sources report. Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart is reportedly volunteering her help to try find the missing girl. Jade Smith is believed to be somewhere in the New York or New Jersey area, news reports have stated.

Producer and talent manager Bruce Edwin, whose charitable work includes helping to find missing or trafficked kids in Hollywood and beyond, states that he contacted his Psychic to the Stars friend Rose Stuart regarding the case, at which the two spoke at length. "It was stunning," Bruce says, "Because Rose and I both had identical intuitive feelings about the situation regarding Jade."

Rose Stuart states that it is all a big hoax, and that Jade is not really kidnapped, but possibly ran away after a possible argument with her father--Donal Logue. She states that Jade is probably trying to scare her family, and that Jade probably has a girlfriend who is an older woman, around 19 or 20, that her father may have not wanted her seeing. Rose states that the girlfriend is the one mostly behind Jade hiding, and that there are also two or more other young men that she is hiding out with, who are involved. Rose predicts that the group is trying to get attention, and realizes that Jade's family has money, and that they may be trying to get a ransom from her family soon, but are trying to figure out how to do it without getting in trouble, and are trying to decide what to do but are confused. Rose adds that a lot of drug use is probably going on, and some mental imbalances of Jade, which is clouding her thinking. She states that Jade probably wants to call her mother, but that the girlfriend or group of people are talking her out of communicating. Rose warns to look out for a phone call from a pay phone at any hour of any day or night, to the mother, or to another close family friend or relative.

Rose Stuart adds that she feels that Jade is probably hiding out in one or more series of places including an abandoned building or an old warehouse outside of NYC, possibly in an area in Harlem or another area, with a group of friends, and that the group of kids Rose feels are druggie, rave type kids who may be doing a lot of drugs including x, pot, crystal meth, speed, and alcohol. Rose states that she feels Jade has had many problems in the past, and that she is used to having anything money can buy, so that nothing makes her happy, and she is trying nearly everything to try escape or be happy. Rose states that she feels the biggest threat is the risk of a drug overdose, or even a possible attempted forced, deliberate overdose caused by the people she is with, and that it is urgent because of this to find her fast. She adds that Jade is doing this on purpose to her family to try and get back at them.

Bruce Edwin states, "I tried to call Donal Logue with this and other information, but could not get through to him. I spoke with Donal's father--Jade's grandfather, and he said he was too busy to talk, that he was catching a plane, and said he would call back, but as of this press time, has not called back. I also e-mailed Jade's mother Kasey Smith, who immediately returned my communication with a phone call, who was very nice and appreciative of the information provided." Bruce adds that he feels that 'Jade' is a fake name, and the later reported name of Jade in the media of 'Arlo' may be another alternate name as well, different from her real birth name which he feels the police may have, but is not being made public. Bruce also states that he feels the possible girlfriend and her friends are probably jealous over the media attention Jade is getting, and are trying to figure out a way that they can get this type of attention also, and make money off of the situation, without getting in trouble, but don't know how, and are in way over their heads.

Rose Stuart adds today, "Right now I feel that Jade has simply just ran away from home. I am feeling that she is just partying and having a good time with this bad crowd." Rose Stuart states that she has additional new information that she will provide privately to the family through the office of Bruce Edwin, and wishes the family well, hoping that Jade is found very quickly. Celebrity Psychic Rose predicted the surprising presidential victory of Donald Trump, 9-11, U.S. Election Hacking, and many more documented personal and world events.

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