THE ROAD HOME Leads the Way on Peter Calandra’s Soulful Journey

New album The Road Home

Album cover of Peter Calandra's new album The Road Home

Peter Calandra released his new orchestra and piano-driven album - THE ROAD HOME - via a live 3-hour Release Party on Instrumental Saturdays with Mary Bartlein.

Calandra knows that emotive music is not always about the complexity of a sound, but more so about how to convey an emotion by means of simplicity.”
— Samantha Garcia, BEING

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 3, 2017 / -- Few of us fully appreciate “home” until we leave it, returning with a new perspective, which befits the story behind The Road Home, the new album from New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Calandra. The artist returned from a cross-country road trip inspired to create his fourth Ambient New Age album of original music, released 7/1/17 amidst a week-long flurry of music video releases and online interviews, culminating with a live 3-hour release party on WMSE’s popular radio show Instrumental Saturdays. The album is available worldwide on all major sales and streaming sites, and the artist's website:

His most personal and revealing project to date, The Road Home passionately delivers more of the sound Calandra’s fans have been enjoying for years, with a loving dose of fresh and mystical vibes. The album is sequenced to share the story of a recent road trip from Big Sur to his home in New York City, capturing scenery, nature and emotions along the way. It is an orchestra and piano-driven cinematic album that strikes a balance between ambient, richly-contemplative expressions, and infectious, gently-swaying melodic pop-jazz gems. Of the ten pieces, several capture the heart like soulful, expansive film scores, while others employ gently rolling percussion and the occasional light vocalization by Joy Askew, famous for her background vocals with Joe Jackson and Peter Gabriel.

Whether he’s composing music for film and TV, penning rousing sports anthems or recording original Contemporary Instrumental music, Peter Calandra shares the source of his prolific music output, saying, “I’ve always heard music in my head – there is new music coming through all the time. The key is learning how to stay open to it. I enjoy telling a story, the challenge is how to do that in the most effective, direct and uncomplicated way possible for the listener’s understanding of the this case, our journey home.”

BEING music reviewer Samantha Garcia concurs, “The Road Home plays out like a journey of the mind’s inner monologue....and Calandra knows that emotive music is not always about the complexity of a sound, but more so about how to convey an emotion by means of simplicity. In the case of The Road Home, less is more.”

The compelling cover art of dark clouds and a long stretch of highway may make The Road Home seem like it’s going to be a purely external journey, but it’s clearly an expression of the artist’s innermost emotions as well. Those who listen will be glad they’re tuned in to the same frequency.

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