I think a lot of Real Estate Agents don’t understand how to help Military clients. They give them misinformation. I wanted to give them something back by giving them good service.”
— James Vo
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 15, 2017 / -- James Vo is a phenomenal human being who owns the Agency ‘Rising Sun Mortgage/ Real Estate.’ To understand James is to comprehend his journey. “I was an only child.” He says. “The universe revolved around me.”

James was born in the Kiên Giang Province, Vietnam, during the Vietnam war. His father was a decorated, highly ranked dignitary. A Government Official from the South.

During the time of the war, the North was determined to kill his family by burning their house down, including their sacred possessions. James says, “We had to leave immediately with nothing but the clothes on our backs.”

James was just two years old. His family had to flee on a rice boat into the deep oceans, with an unknown destiny.

During their escape, their boat filled with water, with no way out, but a miracle happened. A Malaysian freight tanker spotted them and rescued them. James says, “We were true rice boat people. It was such good fortune that we were saved. The only thing my parents could take with us was gold and jewelry, because these items were the only things they could sell. The communists burned our house down, including every single picture that existed in our family. We eventually ended up in a refugee camp in Malaysia.”

James’ family applied for a U.S. Sponsorship, which meant that any family who wished to Sponsor his family could be from anywhere in the United States. They were fortunate to find a nice family in Southern California to Sponsor them and after getting their quarantine shots, the U.S, Government paid for their flight directly to San Diego. Their Sponsor family then helped them get a one bedroom apartment in Linda Vista.

With very little money at hand, James’ family worked double jobs and pulled enough money together to buy a house in Mira Mesa.

Growing up, James’ parents always wanted him to become a doctor, so in high school, his focus was on science. He attended the University of California, Riverside, and decided to major in Psychobiology with a minor in Psychology.
James worked at various jobs just to get by. He was interested in a career, but just wasn’t passionate about anything. He noticed that his older cousin, an IT Manager, was excited about his career so he talked to him about it. It piqued his interest. His cousin told him, “The best way to learn this is to go find a book, buy a bunch of computer parts and put it together. If you can do that, you have a knack for it.”

He got some books, spent $300.00 on computer parts and stayed up all night putting it together. “When I turned it on, nothing came on. The screen was blank, but the fan was on. I heard a noise so I knew I had accomplished something. I called my cousin and he suggested that I might have crisscrossed the wires so I retraced the wires and WHOA! The computer came on. It worked! I was so ecstatic. It was a light bulb moment for me. I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

James called his cousin back and said, “I really love this. How do I get into the industry?” His cousin told him that the fastest way to get in was to get certified so James researched the field and knew that he needed to get his Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification, the A+ certification and the CISCO/CNNA certification. However, it would cost over $18,000.00 to do so.

James went to his parents saying, “I need a loan and I’ll pay it back with interest. You have to take a leap of faith in me because I found something that I love and I know I will be successful at.” His parents wanted to support him because they loved him and believed in him, so they loaned him the money and he got all of his certifications in just one year. He also went back to school and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a minor in Database Administration.

Through the years, he worked at companies such as Omniture and Adobe Systems before taking time off to figure out what he really wanted to do next. He decided to get into Real Estate. “I had been involved in it for so long because my dad was in Real Estate. I got my broker’s license in 2000. I went into it thinking that I didn’t want to become just an agent; my goal was to build a business. I wanted to be the broker who would be successful using the technology of the times.”

One of James’ clients, a Naval Officer, hired him. He wanted to make sure that he understood the process of working with the Military, inside and out, so he got his Military Relocation Professional Certification. “I think a lot of Real Estate Agents don’t understand how to help Military clients. They give them misinformation. I wanted to give them something back by giving them good service. I am now known to be a very good Realtor because I make the process a very smooth transaction. My communication is perfect and nothing is amiss. Our Military provides me the liberties to live in such a great nation so I strive to be an exemplary agent for them.”

The Military Bases that James serves in the Southern California communities of San Diego are: Naval Base Point Loma; Coast Guard Air Station San Diego; Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton; Naval Amphibious Base Coronado; Marine Corps Air Station Miramar; Naval Base San Diego; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific; 32nd Street Naval Station and the Naval Medical Center, San Diego.

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