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Insightful Visionaries GLAM Afternoon Tea and Fashion Preview Featuring Blind/Visually Impaired Models

The InVision 2017 Afternoon Tea and Fashion Preview fundraiser is sponsored by GLAM (Growing. Learning. Achieving. Maturing.)

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2017 / -- The InVision 2017 Afternoon Tea and Fashion Preview fundraiser, sponsored by the GLAM organization, will be held on April 29 ,2017 at the RLCB (Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind) , 2701 Noblin Rd. Raleigh N.C. (next door to Sightly Worn Thrift store). Insightful Visionaries, founded by Carolyn Marshall Covington, is a non-profit dedicated to empowering people with disabilities. With more than 30 years as a business leader and mentor in the Beauty, Fashion & Entertainment industry, Carolyn was diagnosed with a genetic retinal eye disease called (RP) Retinitus Pigmentosa, which has gradually deteriorated and left Carolyn visually impaired.

Carolyn has teamed up with Tonya Porter a BVI (blind and visually impaired) Runway Modeling Coach from the Rocky Mount N.C. area, to jumpstart the InVision 2017 Fashion tour. IMaginE (Imagine ME) Modeling troupe was created by Tonya to inspire, build confidence and train runway models from all walks of life. Tonya creates the Glitz , Glamour and activities that help to build character. She is the first BVI modeling coach in her area. She is passionate about beauty and fashion and believes that anyone can achieve their dreams by putting their mind, heart and soul to work. Sheena Gaddis, a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor of Wake County-Transition for NC DHHS Division of Services for the Blind, recruited some of her wake county BVI students to participate. The recruits train with Tonya to participate in the InVision 2017 event. Sheena sees the event as a great opportunity to gather these young ladies together to socialize and create a public awareness about the capabilities of the BVI community.

Three of the BVI models will independently walk the runway with their canes and one will be escorted by her guide dog. These models and the dog are trained to walk to a stepping count along with the beat of the music in sync with the entire troupe. Shonika Williams Social Worker/Enrollment Coordinator at the Governor Morehead school for the Blind, has also joined the effort. She is organizing graduated students as guests, hostess and volunteers. At the Governor Morehead School, one of Shonika’s goals is serving as the link between home, school and the community. Miss Central Carolina's Outstanding Teen, Lainey Herring of Fayetteville, N.C. will join us and share her platform “Live beyond your vision”. She is the youth chair for the Foundation Fighting Blindness 2017 Vision Walk that will be held in Raleigh on June 3rd.

GLAM (Growing. Learning. Achieving. Maturing) is a group of special young women who work through life’s obstacles and challenges to achieve and maintain high GPA’s and bridge the disparities between the disadvantaged and privileged. One of many of their entrepreneurial and community service programs provides fundraising for the BVI community. The Glam organization supports the efforts of Sightly Worn by soliciting clothing donations and holding events to market the location. The RLCB Sightly Worn Thrift Store, provides employment to people who are blind and visually impaired in a retail environment. It is an opportunity to connect with the community, and represent the capabilities of people who are blind. All monies raised directly benefit RLCB programs. A GLAM mother, Renita Hunter is the event planner for this afternoon tea. In keeping with the GLAM focus- Growing, Learning, Achieving, and Maturing, the butterfly will be the decorative theme. The butterfly represents rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension and the ability to experience the wonder of life. “This is a testament of what we believe for our young ladies” says Renita. The GLAM organization is directed by an advisory board, GLAM info add a one liner
Advisory Board, Liz Armstrong, Nicole Armstrong, Angela Thomas and Tabitha Cole.

Activities for the evening include, Mrs. Janet Griffey, the President/CEO of RLCB, will be recognized for her support of the GLAM organization. She believes that social events like this will bridge the gap within the Blind/Visually Impaired community. Nicole Armstrong a GLAM mother will be recognized for her dedication to the organization as she is personally battling stage four colon cancer. She relentlessly pushes the organization forward.

Charming Charlie (Triangle Towne Center) is also sponsoring the event with their fashionable clothing and accessories. Ms. Coretta Charles (assistant manager) says “Charming Charlie is known for its humanity and support of charities”.
The Way It Is Talk Show, with producer Yolanda Stanley Morgan will document the full event with a live broadcast taping. The Way It Is Talk Show is a new and exciting talk scheduled to make its debut May 1st.

The Way It Is Talk Show is a new and exciting talk scheduled to make its debut May 1st 2017 on Roku, Apple TV, YouTube, Instagram, Fire TV, and The Now Network. This dynamic talk show promises to provide a wide array of relevant, and relatable topics. As the host and creator Yolanda Stanley Morgan’s mission is to use The Way It Is Talk Show as a vehicle to expose the world to the goods, services, products, people, organizations, events, experiences, and the life stories of others through the vehicle of various television media platforms. Insightful Visionaries is Socializing. Shopping and Fashion.
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