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ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Spiritual Evolutionist Cristina Loving of The Loving Path on Intuitive Readings & Healing


ACC NEWS features Spiritual Evolutionist Cristina Loving founder of The Loving Path on Intuitive Readings and Healing That Achieve Transformational Results

Cristina offers a Revolutionary Approach assisting you in Uncovering and Unfolding the Magnificence of your Being. Her Abilities to help People Transform is Simply UNMATCHED by Anyone in her Field.”
Cristina Loving & The Loving Path Oakhurst, California
ACC NEWS Interview with Cristina Loving, Founder of The Loving Path on MONDAY JANUARY 30TH, 2016 at 1PM (1:00 p.m. EST., Oakhurst, California
Contact: Cristina Loving
Phone: (1) 559-307-1580

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ACC NEWS Spotlights Cristina Loving of The Loving Path on Intuitive Readings & Healing

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Cristina Loving

Oakhurst, CA – In times of need, many people believe that seeking the help and advice of others is for the weak-minded. The idea that we should be able to work issues out on our own may not always be the best approach. With over 20 years of experience, Cristina Loving is living proof that outside perspectives can bring extraordinary results to those in need of answers.

Cristina endured several personal tragedies throughout her youth, which brought on an extremely negative outlook on life. When she was 8, Cristina lost her mother to cancer and was raised by her father who she admittedly describes as “brutal” at times. Cristina says she was saved by grace and she attributes grace to her ability to persevere, relocate to the United States and earn her Masters of Science. Cristina went on to succeed in the corporate world for more than 10 years before realizing that she was meant for something more… something that could enable her to help others the way she herself was assisted.

With extensive personal and professional experience, Cristina brings a unique client-centered approach to meet the needs of each individual that she works with. The issues that Cristina has assisted people with include anxiety, stress, emotional, physical, and mental trauma to name a few.

Cristina incorporates many fascinating modalities and techniques to rejuvenate the human spirit in all facets of life and her client base includes individuals from all walks of life. Holding sessions at speaking engagements, in person, by phone, via Zoom, and webinars: clients can experience amazing results with Cristina from literally anywhere in the world. Her clients cite her vast experience and amazing intuitive skills as her strongest tools to working through anything her clients throw her way.

“My methodology helps to integrate the spirit. Everything and anything can break the spirit. I work towards spiritual progression. I’ve walked through the fire and I remain fearless in assisting people even through the most frightening situations. Together, you will grow and succeed,” exclaims Loving.

February 7th through February 21st each night at 6:30PM PST., Cristina will be hosting a Webshop called Abundance and Receiving through Zoom. In addition, this April 22nd/23rd and May 20th/21st, Cristina will be offering her Vibrational Quantum Leap workshop in Concord, CA.

Cristina Loving will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Monday January 30th at 1pm EST. For more information visit, email or call 559-307-1580.

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