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Leading cybersecurity research firm pays undisclosed sum for premium dot com domain name.

We believe that is the most valuable domain name in cyber, and we’re puting it to good use as a community resource – as it should be
— Steve Morgan, Cybersecurity Ventures
MENLO PARK, CA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2017 / -- Cybersecurity Ventures announces they’ve acquired the domain name from a private seller. The sale price is confidential per terms of the transaction.


A review of two cybersecurity premium domain names provides context on the value of was listed for sale at $400,000 before being reduced, and then sold to a domain investor, according to, an award winning publication covering the specialized business of domain name investing.

Another premium name,, is listed for sale on Sedo, a domain marketplace, for $100,000.

Both names are parked domains, with nothing more than hyperlinks to advertisements on their sites.

“We believe that is the most valuable domain name in cyber, and we’re puting it to good use as a community resource – as it should be” says Steve Morgan, founder and Editor-In-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures, a leading research firm and publisher of reports covering the cyber economy.

While the term cybersecurity is interchangeable with infosecurity, information security, cyber defense, and others — cyberwarfare is an exact match category defining word, which makes the domain name even more valuable.


The Financial Times, at, offers this definition of Cyberwarfare:

“Cyberwarfare is the word used to define the most aggressive form of attack by a foe or rival over the internet. It largely applies to actions by states and involves denying internet services to communities or countries, or, at worst, destroying critical infrastructure or industrial facilities.

One other use of the term is to describe activity by a national army that might accompany its invasion of another country using conventional forces. Most major states would today be expected to use cyberwarfare to attack another country’s computer infrastructure as part of an invasion or aggression.

Cyberwarfare tends to be distinguished from other forms of hostile cyber activity. Cybercrime involves activities like raiding bank accounts. Cyber espionage describes the stealing of secrets. Cyberwarfare tends to describe an assault that affects the national security of the state that is victimised.”


Cybersecurity Ventures has no plans to sell the name. “You never say never, but we didn’t purchase the name with the intention of selling it” says Morgan. “We are using the name to publish a free quarterly report featuring a diary of noteworthy cyberwarfare activity involving the U.S. and nations globally. Other valuable resources will be added to that shortly.”

“Direct navigation and type-in traffic is how many people search for category specific information” says Morgan. “They type one or two words followed by .com, and expect to land on a site with relevant data. Anyone typing in will get that from us. We plan to become page one for Cyberwarfare.”

Cyberwarfare has grown in popularity and moved from a technical topic to something that concerns citizens, governments, businesses, and organizations globally. Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, according to another report from Cybersecurity Ventures, which also devotes coverage to Cyberwarfare damages.


In related news, Cybersecurity Ventures has announced its 2017 List of Master’s Degree Programs in Cybersecurity, which can be seen at The directory features M.S. in Cybersecurity programs from unversities in the U.S. which aim to train tomorrow’s cyber war fighters.

There’s roughly 100 schools listed on the inaugural list. The Master’s in Cyber directory is updated quarterly with plans to add more programs in the U.S. and internationally.

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