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HUNTSVILLE , AL, USA, December 27, 2016 / -- Huntsville, Al (12/20/2016): Aeon Energy Solutions, Inc. in association with Western Wood Development, LLC of Northern California is pleased to introduce a proven commercial Gasification technology solution to the Canadian marketplace.

TCG Global LLC designs, builds, sells, and operates gasification plants capable of converting any carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal, petroleum coke (Pet Coke), or municipal solid waste (MSW) into synthesis gas (Syngas), consisting primarily of hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO). The Syngas produced by this gasification process is a clean, dry, flexible fuel which can be burned to create heat and electricity.

TCG is an advanced Coal Gasification technology which produces a hydrogen rich fuel ideal for the replacement of thermal coal for electric power generation. “Aeon is particularly excited about TCG’s technological ability to utilize a large variety of feed stocks which can be blended into a single proven process. TCG technology is commercialized and available today. TCG gasification is scalable and can deliver synthetic fuels in volumes capable of replacing current electric utilities use of fossil fuels in Alberta. Extremely vital to the various local economies is TCG’s ability to use existing coal reserves will allow retention of todays workers plus avoids stranding energy assets for coal mine or Utility owner/operators. “states Gary Wilson, Aeon Energy’s Sr. VP of Energy & Operations

“In the Alberta oil sands there are untold metric tonnes of petroleum coke that have been produced and stored in unusable and underground sites. TCG Gasification can utilize these hereditary resources and convert the pet coke to high value fuels, generate energy and heat for other uses in the area. Gasification of coal and other carbon based materials can turn Alberta and other energy rich Provinces from a carbon debit position to a carbon credit Province helping Canada meet greenhouse gas reduction targets. Further comment Mr. Wilson.”

An immediate environmental impact feature is TCG’s unique, low emissions footprint. Syngas remains clean and cool as it exits the gasification process. The gasifier fully utilizes or recycles the process water such that the facility has zero liquid discharge. When the gasifier utilizes its own Syngas output to fire the burner, the resulting emissions are lower than when burning natural gas.

TCG although technologically advanced features a straightforward, strategic design which results in construction costs that are significantly lower than other gasification technologies – typically half the cost of competing solutions. TCG plants can be put into operation on a schedule that can be operational in 12 - 24 months – typically half the time required by competing solutions. Multiple TCG plants can be combined for a higher capacity at a fraction of the cost and construction lead time of a single, large conventional gasification plant.

Aeon Energy Solutions is a multifaceted Sales, Marketing and Energy Consulting firm partnered with cutting edge 'green' technology equipment manufactures involved with energy/Fuel production. We are staunch advocates and suppliers of green, renewable, sustainable energy solutions. Aeon provides Green Energy solutions through our world class manufacturing partners and our various environmentally accountable products. Aeon holds extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, and Design. Areas of key expertise in Green Fuel, Energy production & distribution, Heating, Construction, Fibre, Forestry and Energy Consulting.


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