360RIZE Commemorates Two-Year Anniversary of its 360Abyss™ VR Underwater Camera System


360Abyss™ Underwater VR camera system

Filmmaker Adam Ravetch with the 360Abyss™

Diver and filmmaker Bill Macdonald with the 360Abyss™

"The past two years have been extremely exciting in introducing new technology for spherical filmmaking underwater."
— 360RIZE CEO Michael Kintner
OLEAN, NY, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 360RIZE, formerly 360Heros, Inc., is commemorating its 360Abyss™ underwater 360 video camera system having been on the market for two years.

Introduced in 2014, the 360Abyss™ v4 is the fourth iteration of the 360Abyss™ system. Key v4 system features include simultaneous camera control underwater via the company's Bullet360 technology, optical domes for clarity and correcting image distortion, and a crush depth rating to 1,000 meters.

"The past two years have been extremely exciting in introducing new technology for spherical filmmaking underwater," stated 360RIZE CEO Michael Kintner. "Dating back to our first underwater virtual reality camera system in 2012, we've been helping solve the challenges presented by 360-degree capture underwater."

"The 360Abyss™ is the top of the line 360VR system for underwater filming, nothing else comes close.
Exquisite machining, high resolution, and excellent optics. The magnetic on-off-record function makes the system a pleasure to work with." - NOGI Award-winning diver and cinematographer Bill Macdonald

"I have been shooting underwater for two decades and VR for over a year now, and my go to choice for underwater capture from the start has been 360RIZE’s 360Abyss™. Michael Kintner has designed a VR housing with the content creator in mind, arming the cinematographer with confidence, reliability, and trust that when you enter the water in VR, you will never miss a shot." - Adam Ravetch, Wildlife filmmaker and cinematographer

360RIZE has been producing underwater 360 video camera systems since 2012 with its original products utilizing early GoPro™ cameras as capture devices. 360RIZE holds several patents for spherical camera arrays covering its product lines of above water and underwater 360 video solutions.

The company's underwater solutions first garnered mainstream attention when a great white shark bit an early prototype camera rig while it was being operated by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV. The popular footage aired on CNBC's "Power Lunch" and was featured by the Daily Mail.
360RIZE v1 underwater spherical video solutions were used by TIME Magazine in 2013 to film "Deep Dive," an exploration of Fabian Cousteau's project Mission31.

360Abyss™ v4 Features
- Houses 6 GoPro™ cameras in individual compartments for capturing fully spherical 360 video/ 360 photos
- Compatible with GoPro™ Hero3+, Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver cameras
- Underwater magnetic trigger for turning cameras on/off underwater and firing camera shutters simultaneously
- Automated audio sync buzzer to aid in frame sync in post-production
- A crush depth rating of 1,000 meters and certified to 500 meters with neutral buoyancy in salt water (slightly negative in fresh water)
- Output up to 8K (8,000 x 4,000 pixels) resolution 360 video
- Anodized 6061-T5 aluminum core housing for durability and to help prevent camera overheating - 8 anodized aluminum threaded 3/8″ mounting points
- Aircraft-grade polycarbonate optical domes offer a seamless field of view underwater
- Unique remote triggering system offers ease of use for submarines, ROVs and many other industrial remotely controlled solutions

About 360RIZE
360RIZE, formerly 360Heros, specializes in 360 video camera systems that capture professional quality spherical video content. 360RIZE also develops 360 video workflow solutions such as 360CamMan™, the world’s first VR media management software. Through years of research and innovation, 360RIZE is empowering content creators to push the limits of emerging technology and the ability to create immersive content.

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360Abyss™ Underwater VR Camera System Overview