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Suzanne Qualia of Qualia, Inc. to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

My passion is helping leaders be their best by leading from their core.
— Suzanne Qualia
VERONA, WISCONSIN, USA, December 7, 2016 / -- Modern organizations seek to create a culture where results and values are balanced. These values are often inscribed on a plaque by the entrance. But how do we make those words come to life in an organization? What does it mean to take ownership? What does it mean to be more collaborative? What is culture?

Recent studies show employee engagement has reached an all-time low. Organizations are still struggling with the same issues: how do we keep our employees engaged? How do we grow?

According to Suzanne Qualia, engagement, retention and growth are all outcomes of strong leadership. Suzanne is the founder of Qualia, Inc., an executive coaching and team training practice dedicated to leadership development that enables a shift toward a performance culture.

“My passion is helping leaders be their best by leading from their core,” says Suzanne. “Why not make this workplace where people can learn new ways of thinking, doing and being?”

Suzanne herself was a leader in the corporate world for 25 years serving in various supervisory and executive leadership roles, most recently running global supply chains for large manufacturers. She knows the stresses and challenges that leaders face every day.

In 2012, she discovered Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by neuroscientist and global lecturer Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Dispenza focused on the powerful application of neuroscience principles to create massive and lasting changes in our lives, theorized that our brains are more changeable (neuroplastic) than we think, and that we can rewire our brains to create a new future for ourselves and a new vision for our lives.

“I instantly could see the possibilities of bringing these simple but powerful concepts into the corporate world,” says Suzanne. “I could see new options for individuals to interact in more empowering ways.”

Today, Suzanne is a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant through Dr. Dispenza. His science-based approach provides the language and tools clients need to make powerful changes in their lives and careers.

“We all want happiness, success and freedom,” says Suzanne. “If we expect leaders to think more strategically and collaboratively and create a new future for their organization, we need to provide the process, models and tools for leaders to understand how to make changes to achieve those goals.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Suzanne Qualia in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 9th at 12pm EST.

On December 16th at 12pm EST, Dr. Joe Dispenza will be joining Suzanne with host Jim Masters, for a rare opportunity to hear firsthand how this work applies to leadership and culture shift on an even deeper level.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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