Limonetik now offers Merchant an access to 35 m. of German Consumers with its new payment method: giropay

PARIS, (OUTSIDE OF USA/CANADA), FRANCE, December 2, 2016 / -- Do you know giropay? giropay is a leading payment method in Germany with a potential of over 35 million users! The enterprise is a joint initiative of German banking institutions and forms part of their online banking services. “giropay provides secure payments within the customer’s banking environment, allowing full payment guarantee and speedy transactions”, says Joerg Schwitalla, managing director at giropay. Using giropay, merchants get an irrevocable payment guarantee given by the customers’ bank. Therefore they have absolutely no risk of payment default and an additional high performance payment method.
“With e-commerce globalisation, giropay is constantly looking at developing its network of International payment partners, especially in France.” giropay has chosen Limonetik because of its simple implementation and its wide network of affiliated e-merchants interested in accessing the German e-commerce market. “Limonetik allows merchants to easily add giropay to their website’s payment page. With Limonetik, we accelerate the availability of giropay in Europe”, adds Joerg Schwitalla.

As a Full service on demand solution, Limonetik’s global payment services platform is used daily by thousands of merchants in Europe, including the Top 100 e-commerce sites and marketplaces, and by many of the leading payment services providers (PSPs), allowing them to access in a few clicks to a wide international payments methods portfolio from Europe, Asia, Russia and South America.

“We already had German payment methods but by adding giropay to our International payment method portfolio, we allow merchants easy access to almost 90% of all German online banking users. For our affiliated e-merchants, especially airlines & travel merchants, interested in accessing the German e-commerce market, Limonetik offers through giropay a real opportunity.”, explains Hassan Issa, Head of Operations at Limonetik. “This new integration further strengthens our leading position and confirms our growth in the International market”.

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