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There Are Jobs in Electric Utilities with Good Pay

Training Needed

"Beats driving for Uber, which many recent college graduates are forced to do,"
— Llewellyn King, Host-White House Chronicle
WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, October 12, 2016 / -- WASHINGTON (October 12, 2016) -- Llewellyn King, a journalist who has written about the utilities among other things for more than 40 years, says there is no shortage of jobs in the United States, but there is a tremendous chasm between what the universities teach and what the market seeks.

King, executive producer and host of "White House Chronicle" on PBS, said in an episode to be broadcast this weekend, that Hurricane Matthew highlights the importance of "first responders in the electric sector."

The men -- they are mostly men and there is a small but growing number of women -- do skilled work, but there is a shortage of new recruits, King said. He said he had been told that linemen, as they are called, earn $100,000 a year and more with overtime, but still recruiting is a problem.

In a syndicated newspaper column, distributed by InsideSources, on the subject, King wrote that the American Public Power Association (APPA) prepared a recruiting film for distribution to high schools. But most of the schools junked the film because they are rated on the number of students who go on to college, not those diverted to other work.

Utility line technicians go through an apprenticeship that usually lasts four years, the APPA told King.

King said there is an artisan shortage, which includes immediate vacancies for more than 50,000 truck drivers, tens of thousands of welders, electricians, master carpenters and heavy equipment operators.

"Beats driving for Uber, which many recent college graduates are forced to do," King said.

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