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Mevo - The Absolute Fitness

MevoLife Releases Ground Breaking Health App - Creates New Paradigm In Health Related Apps

DE, WILMINGTON, US, September 6, 2016 / -- Mevo is the fitness app that let's users boost their health and lifestyle all at one place, rewarding them as they progress while inspiring them to do more.
The health related app industry will never be the same with the release of MevoLife’s new Health & Fitness App. The Mevo App is arguably the most comprehensive app of its kind. So much so, that it is referred to as "The Absolute Fitness" hub. This feature-rich app is very user-friendly, and represents a new paradigm in keeping track of one’s health and nutrition. Thanks to MevoLife, getting healthy and fit has never been this much fun. Mevo's Nutrition-Fitness System has so many successful outcomes because it is so user interactive. The system is broken down into sensible categories, including:
o Food: Calorie Tracker, Recipes, Meal Plans, Healthy Dining.
o Exercise: Steps, Exercises, Workouts Plans, Yoga.
o Fitness: Blog, Fitness Calculations, Tips.
o Gamification: Quizzes, Challenges, Rewards.
o Social: Community.
o Mevo Club: Nutritionists, Trainers and Bloggers.
Mevo becomes the most used health app on anyone’s mobile device. Imagine having the ability to track a diet in less than 5 minutes a day. It remembers frequent food items, and highlights all major nutrients. It’s like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket. Planning meals was never this easy. There is an extensive collection of on-board healthy recipes. Easy to find the ingredients for a specific number of servings and includes detailed cooking instructions. The Exercise portion of the App tracks over 500 daily workouts and shows a graph of progress over time for motivation. It has a built-in Pedometer to track all steps taken. This incredible App has a massive Workouts section. Users have full access to an exclusive video collection including the most popular health videos. Mevo has a world class Yoga section with live videos, which is useful for beginners, intermediate and advanced Yoga enthusiasts.
Mevo app features a community that enables like minded people to share their thoughts, goals and progress. Members of the community share positive reinforcement to ensure better results. The team at Mevo is dedicated to spread knowledge so that people can have the best chance at wellness. They are employing the "Honesty Principle", where the public is permitted to download the app at no cost, and can remit funds when needed based on their honesty.
During a recent interview, Khyati Mahajan, Mevo's Founder, explained why she created this brilliant App, "Being an avid fitness follower myself, I started trying various apps available and found some of them quite interesting & had started using them actively. After some time I came to a point of fatigue having to deal with over five apps simply to maintain my needs from available features. I had no way to sync all the fragmented data from all these apps in one place. It became very overwhelming, boring and stopped making any sense and eventually I came out discouraged and disengaged."
She goes on to say, "Meanwhile, professionally, I was lucky enough to be a part of an app development business and had an excellent experience of having to deal with user experiences, interests, behaviors, challenges, app designs & flows, besides working on complex and advanced apps for various consumer and enterprise levels. Since this frustration coincided with my point of expertise professionally, I decided to throw in the towel on the existing apps, determined to solve this problem once and for all, for the good of myself and a better and healthier society. Fitness is everywhere and many are more aware to either follow some fitness regimes or healthy lifestyles, or just starting up in the process. Perhaps many of them have tried and left it midway, and I wanted to make sure, my app has to make sure that there is substance, inspiration, fun and motivation for everyone to stay put and reach their goals and be proud about it by sharing it with the others in the fitness community, family and friends, and to keep aspiring others.
Mevo is a new way to approach Fitness. It's not just an app, it's a complete lifestyle that complements one’s everyday living. It is a wholesome and integrated approach to living fit in every possibility. This app will surely change the way to look at fitness as it's a one-stop solution that provides every possible thing you can think around Fitness. So why have 5 apps, have one on your phone. Have "Mevo- The Absolute Fitness" Solution.

Khyati Mahajan
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