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Gazprom Neft and Yandex.Terra to collaborate in software development for seismic operations

The Gazpromneft Joint Scientific and Research Centre LLC is a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft. The core objective of the Joint Scientific and Research Centre is to increase production and improve efficiency through the application of new technologies and solutions throughout Gazprom Neft fields. The centre provides analytical, methodological and scientific and research support for all aspects of exploration and development. The work of the Joint Scientific and Research Centre is focused on the development of new technologies, on engineering and project expertise in hydrocarbon exploration and development, on project management and design, on analysis and monitoring of oilfield development, and on geological prospecting, hydrodynamic modelling, and technological support and operational control in drilling operations.

* The GeoMate system (a proprietary software product of Gazprom Neft) allows the accumulation and analysis of geological data on all Gazprom Neft fields. This information platform allows the impact of more than 200 geological features to be evaluated. The GeoMate system brings together approximately 80 percent of all data available from the analysis of geological and geophysical information — seismic data, maps, the results of well surveys, well-core data, and so on. Access to a single, fully comprehensive IT environment allows direct and immediate access to all data necessary for the construction of field models and the identification and detailing of promising zones and formations. A new version of this system, currently under development, is expected to show a significant increase in its capabilities, allowing geologists to optimise operations in the investigation of well-core data, to automate mechanisms for geological analysis, and to construct reference 3D-geological models.

** Gazprom Neft’s „Electronic Asset Development (ERA)” project is developing IT initiatives in all areas of exploration and production, including geological prospecting, drilling, development, production, and field development. Under implementation since 2012, the ERA initiative became part of the company’s technology strategy in 2014, and is now a key area of focus. More than 30 projects are currently in hand under the ERA initiative. Work within the framework of the ERA initiatives is undertaken with the support of specialists from the Gazprom Neft Scientific and Technical Research Centre, together with ITSK (a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft involved in IT, automation and telecommunications projects).

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