Egypt Sherrod Is The Host Of The Home And Garden Television Hit Shows "Property Virgins" And "Flipping Virgins"

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for our Military families. I love and respect them tremendously because of the extreme sacrifices the entire family makes to protect and serve America.
— Egypt Sherrod
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, December 1, 2015 / -- Egypt Sherrod, the amazingly beautiful host of HGTV’s popular shows, “Property Virgins” and "Flipping Virgins" has become a household name - with millions of viewers tuning in each week to see her in action. However, she is quick to say, “First of all, I am a Real Estate agent. I am not acting and that’s important for everyone to know. I have been licensed in New Jersey for many years and I’ve since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.”

In an episode entitled “Emma & Claire,” the viewers are invited along to watch as Emma, a leasing consultant, and her sister Claire, go house hunting for the first time with Egypt while Emma’s fiancée, Jack, is thousands of miles away in the Navy, stationed in Washington State.

Egypt says, “Jack qualified for a VA loan which offers long-term financing for U.S. Veterans and takes away the need for any down-payment, so I am very excited to help Emma and Jack find their first house. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for our Military families and Jack and Emma are getting married in just a few months. They want to buy a house before their wedding, so it is up to Emma to find their perfect home in Atlanta and I have a lot of great places to show them.”

One of the first things Egypt asked Emma was what both she and Jack wanted in terms of their ideal home. Emma said that her biggest priority was a large kitchen with an island and a backyard large enough for her to plant a vegetable garden. Jack’s major concern was having an acre of land and a ‘man-cave.’

As a soon-to-be- Military spouse, Emma was having her first taste of the relocation process. She immediately skyped Jack, telling him, “It's kinda hard trying to do everything long distance, trying to remember everything that you want in a house and I’m really hoping that you trust me to do that.”

Egypt, ever the optimist, shows Emma and her sister Claire the first choice of houses in Canton and Emma immediately falls in love with it - yet she still wants to see other houses before she makes a decision to buy.

Egypt gently reminds Emma of the reality of being a first-time “virgin” property owner and says, “Although the market quickly turned into a seller’s market, some of the outskirts of Atlanta are still trying to trickle up. I think they’re still a little high, but they’ve only been on the market for about two weeks, so they haven’t felt it yet.”

Egypt then proceeds to take Emma and Claire to another desired neighborhood, Ball Ground, where they see plenty of other beautiful houses. Nonetheless, Emma was very attached to the first house in Canton and couldn’t be moved or persuaded to consider anything else.

Egypt reflects on the emotional attachment that she sees every day with her clients. “Despite all of the beautiful homes available, sometimes you just can’t beat the personal connection.”

Emma wanted to make an offer on the Canton home, but the deal took an unexpected turn. Egypt had to inform her that there were now five other offers on the table. With her soothing, compassionate and comforting voice, Egypt tells Emma, “It’s never easy to hear that a million other people want to make an offer on your house and I say YOUR house because we’re going to claim it. So, the way I’ve done this in the past – and it always tends to work for me – is to go in, max out, and on the back end we can protect it by the appraisal. Your only chance of truly getting this house is to max out.”

As often happens in the rollercoaster of Real Estate transactions in progress, the seller decided to wait until he had all five offers on the table within 24 hours and would take the highest bid, of course. Now, it was a waiting game.

Egypt Sherrod has never been the type of person to wait. She is fond of saying to work on Plan B while you’re working on Plan A until you find Plan C to work them all together.

Egypt is a National Television, Radio Personality, Author, Speaker and Home Space Expert. With over 15 years as an accomplished Realtor, Egypt has been named ‘America's Most Beloved Real Estate Agent.’ She says, “I started in Radio when I was 18, hosting a Jazz Radio show. Then I got my first, real, full-time job in Radio as a Music Director. I was the youngest Music director in the country, in Philadelphia at age 19, and I was on air as well. So I was earning enough to start thinking about how I was going to make my money work for me. You see, while everyone else was buying pocketbooks and shoes, I was buying properties."

Egypt flipped her first property in Newark, New Jersey. It was a dilapidated three-family home. When she saw how much she profited from that, she said, “Oh, this is cool. So I can use my Radio salary to live, and the money I make from Real Estate can go towards retirement.”

Egypt then started building and nesting for herself and that’s when she really got bit by the Real Estate bug. She stresses that money is just a tool. “Money a tool to help us realize our dreams” she explains, “Money shouldn’t be the dream. We are not what we do for a living and I remind myself of that every day. My husband understands that. I am not my career. It’s what I do – it’s what I love, I’m fortunate enough to be able to earn a living doing so – but I’m much more than what I do to earn a living."

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