Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Live Up to New “Transfarency” Campaign, SubscriberWise President Says

David Howe of SubscriberWise

New audio obtained from SubscriberWise documents a pricing scheme that’s proved very costly for the traveling public.

This is a pricing scheme that’s made possible only through sophisticated computer technology.
— David Howe, president of SubscriberWise
DALLAS, TX, U.S.A., October 13, 2015 / -- The following is an opinion editorial provided by David E. Howe, president, SubscriberWise:


“Listen to the audio and I think most reasonable people would agree that Southwest Airlines engaged in the classic bait-and-switch pricing,” said David Howe, president of SubscriberWise. “This is a pricing scheme that’s made possible only through sophisticated computer technology. The technology literally translates into the financial exploitation of the traveling public. Sadly, it’s a deceptive business practice that’s masqueraded as time-honored and legal by Southwest Airlines.

“Today I notified Jessica Ilich and Robert Gorman of the U.S. DOT with my concerns and complaint. I forwarded the flight itinerary along with the phone recording to substantiate the claims. Within one hour of contacting the DOT, I received a reply from Jessica Ilich that included the following case: DOT Case # JI2015100057.

“I urge the United States Transportation Department to enforce consumer protections and immediately mandate that every airline doing business in the U.S.A. implement new computer technology that will end this deceptive and illegal practice at once,” Howe concluded.

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