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5 Tips for Knowing You Have Found the Right Soccer Coach

Want to Learn 5 tips that help you know if you picked the right coach? Ella Witherite give these tips in her recent Google Hangout video.

DALLAS, TX, USA, August 6, 2015 / -- Every child or teen soccer player wants to help their team win. Every parent also wants their child to become a better player. Want to learn how to achieve both? The key lies in finding a good coach to help you.

In her recent Google Hangout, soccer player and host of EW Sports blog Ella Witherite addresses some of the common thoughts parents have when trying to find a good coach for their child. She outlines 5 tips to help parents and kids find the right coach as below:

Tip # 1.Does the coach have passion for the sport?
If the coach used to play the sport or has a connection with the sport it helps them connect with the kids and impacts how they teach the sport.

Tip # 2. Is the coach able to observe?
Having a coach who is able to observe the game from the sidelines and not just stand there yelling at the kids “go get the ball” and “go do this” is best because it shows they have a better understanding of how their team members play. Then at practices he or she can tell them what they did well and what they may need to improve on.

Tip # 3. Is the coach able to communicate with the players?
A lot of coaches don’t know how to communicate with their players. When a coach gets frustrated they sometimes start yelling at the kids, and sometimes even their parents. Soccer players under this type of pressure don't really do well when they get yelled at, and may also have a tendency to be more stubborn. The best way to get a child to listen to you is to speak the way you would want them to speak to you.

Tip # 4. Does the coach have patience?
Patience is a big part of coaching. I have learned from my experience in babysitting that kids (depending on their age) can be kinda difficult, Ella says. So if you have patience with the kids and the parents it will help you stay calm while teaching and it will make the kids pay attention. Also if you’re first teaching soccer the younger kids and it's their first time playing you really have to be patient because they won't understand anything you are saying.

Tip # 5. Does the coach think winning is everything?
Winning isn’t everything. Sometimes you win and feel really good, but the best coaches make sure you still feel really good if you lose. If you play against a really hard team and lose, but you played hard and tried it can feel good being told you tried and did a good job. A coach that isn't able to say “We did a good job even though we lost” isn't a fun coach. Stay away from those who just want to win every game and be the best. Playing soccer isn’t just about winning over losing. “It's kinda just about being on the field with your friends and playing a sport you all love,” Ella says.

To learn more about everything related to soccer please bookmark Ella's soccer blog page.

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