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Stouffer Productions announces Creature Crüe Kickstarter Campaign and invites fans to #JoinTheCrüe

Veteran Colorado Monster Creators, Distortions Unlimited, attached to a new TV show

Our fans have begged us to get back on the air. It has not exactly been in our control. Stouffer Productions approached us with a new show concept. We are thrilled to satisfy and haunt our fans!
— Ed Edmunds, President, Distortions Unlimited
DENVER, CO , USA, June 15, 2015 / -- Fans of sci-fi-fantasy-horror are all aflutter today as the ever popular creature creators of Distortions Unlimited, formerly featured on Travel Channel’s Making Monsters™ series, Ed and Marsha Edmunds, are attached to a new series, Creature Crüe. Stouffer Productions is at it again, unleashing a campaign of scary proportion via Kickstarter. Since leaving network airwaves in 2013, faithful fans have been smacking their lips at the thought of a return of the duo and their cohorts, from plucky Jordu Schell to the imposing Mikey Rotella. Today marks the beginning of the craving satisfied as Distortions Unlimited graduates to a new class of production, with fresh faces and a mammoth twist to the storyline. The monstrous task of creating fearsome creatures mashes-up on the set to produce short films in the new series Creature Crüe.

Creature Crüe will have viewers testing their nerves as show producers mash Distortion’s process of creature creation up against a functional film set, complete with script, director, and actors. This idea renders an entertaining reality-how-to of creature creation and special effects fans have come to expect, accompanied by a stunning reveal in short film, all within a single episode.

However, wait, there is a catch. The show is not guaranteed. Fans, affectionately referred to as The Crüe, must rally to the cause and kick-in their cash over the next 30 days to assure a production start in July for a scheduled pilot release in October 2015. A frightening thought, if backing goals are not met by July 15, 2015, all pledges will be cancelled, and the show will not be funded.

When asked about the campaign Ed Edmunds, President of Distortions Unlimited, shared, “We’ve been begged by our fans to get back on the air. It has not exactly been in our control until we were approached by Stouffer Productions, LLC, a Colorado-based production company, with a new show concept. I said, ‘Yeah, that sounds great, but how are you going to fund it?’ That is when one of the producers said “kick-start it.” It took a little convincing, and much research, but the idea truly made sense.”

Crowdfunding and the name Kickstarter are nothing new with individual campaigns venturing into the millions in backer funds. It is not just the money that talks, it is the investors themselves. The consumer fan base will launch a venture and secure it for the future to come. “It becomes an incredible position of stewardship,” says Gregg Stouffer of Stouffer Productions, LLC. “When our “crüe funds us,” we get to put their needs first and build our relationship with them, not just with a network or sponsors, but for our fans. Who gets to do this?”

Creature Crüe, filmed on location in Colorado, requires a minimum $250,000 of donor funds to kick-start a pilot episode. The campaign’s success and the potential for stretch goals will determine if the show will be available for network distribution or if the new series will be produced and distributed on the web and via collectible DVD. To learn more about the show, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here:

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