Senator Oelslager to Involve Ohio Attorney General DeWine in Alleged National Credit Fraud Uncovered by SubscriberWise

David Howe of SubscriberWise

Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager determines that alleged credit crimes uncovered by SubscriberWise should be reviewed by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

I agreed entirely with the Senator’s observations and interpretations.
— David Howe
COLUMBUS, OH, U.S.A., June 9, 2015 / -- SubscriberWise®, a leading provider of analytics driven subscriber decision management technology and the nation’s first issuing consumer reporting agency for the communications industry, announced today that Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager is requesting the involvement of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine following alleged national crimes uncovered exclusively by SubscriberWise.

“Yesterday I was contacted by Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager regarding alleged credit frauds involving probate petitioners and reported to the FBI ( ),” said David Howe, president of SubscriberWise. “I want to thank Senator Oelslager for his prompt call to my office. I also want to acknowledge his attention and concern for this very serious threat to the credit and financial system, as well as the citizens of Ohio and the nation.

“I noted from our conversation that Senator Oelslager agreed that this situation may require effort at the federal level because the allegation of fraud ‘goes across state lines’ and involves ‘obviously interstate commerce’,” continued Howe. “I agreed entirely with the Senator’s observations and interpretations.

“Senator Oelslager concluded with a request for some basic information for the Attorney General. He indicated that he would personally ensure that Mr. DeWine ‘gets the information.’ I thanked the Senator for his call and immediately prepared the information,” concluded Howe.

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