Staff awareness training helps mitigate cyber threats

IT Governance SA recommends all South African organisations undertake cyber security training in order to keep up with the evolving threats of cybercrime.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA, February 11, 2014 / -- With the growth of the South African economy comes an increased reliance on the Internet. Significant cyber attacks in South Africa have seen it ranked the most hacked country in the world after Russia and China. A recent study by Wolfpack Information Risk states that South Africa’s annual loss to cybercrime is equal to R2.65 billion.

IT Governance SA, the global leader in information security and ISO27001 compliance products and services, recommends all South African organisations, especially law enforcement agencies, undertake cyber security training in order to keep up with the evolving threats of cybercrime. Raising cyber security awareness is a foundation of the battle against cybercrime and it is a critical step to strengthening South African cybercrime laws.

Alan Calder, Founder and Chief Executive of IT Governance, says, “The South African government should take cybercrime as seriously as HIV. As South African organisations prevent street crime by building high walls and fences, they should also prevent cybercrime by adopting preventative measures to minimise the damage”.

“Implementing ISO27001 is the right way forward to ensure the security of an organisation. ISO27001 provides companies with the assurance that they are protected from risks and threats which could lead to asset loss, financial impact and reputational damage, as well as strengthening information security best practices.”

Cyber criminals are always looking for weak links within an organisation and uneducated staff members are a high risk. Education and ongoing training courses are what is needed to ensure high levels of information security.

South African companies should be taking rapid steps to ensure their staff are adequately trained to respond to attacks. The Information Security e-Learning course available from IT Governance SA ensures that organisations are completely secure and that their staff is fully aware of their role in achieving effective information security.
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