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The first GAZPROM filling station opened in Bulgaria

The first GAZPROM filling station opened in Bulgaria

1 July 2013 , press-release

Gazprom Neft’s subsidiary – Serbian NIS j.s.c Novi Sad (opens in new window) has opened its first GAZPROM branded filling station in Bulgaria. The filling station is located on international road E79 Sofia – Kulata, 4 km after the exit of Blagoevgrad towards Kulata.

The first GAZPROM filling station opened in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian market has been identified as a priority market to develop the retail network under GAZPROM brand in the region. NIS is currently completing the construction of 9 more filling stations, with an additional 10 stations also planned to further develop GAZPROM branded retail network. By the end of the year there will be a total of over 40 stations in Bulgaria. NIS now operates GAZPROM branded filling stations in three countries in Balkan region following the opening of gas stations in Serbia and Romania at the end of 2012.

The GAZPROM branded network will have over 250 filling stations operating in the Balkan region by the end of 2015, with 80 of these in Bulgaria. NIS will manage the retail network.

The GAZPROM branded premium filling stations offer clients the latest euro standard fuels – diesel, gasoline, LPG and lubricants. Filling stations will include a shop, a restaurant and a café. Customers will also be able to use other services such as free wireless internet. Stations are located along national and international roads and in the major cities.

Launching a retail network under the GAZPROM brand in Bulgaria is the next step towards achieving our strategic objective to develop a sales network in Europe. We plan to continue to expand our presence in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. I am confident that GAZPROM branded network of filling stations will quickly gain popularity in the Balkans, - stated deputy CEO of Gazprom Neft for logistics, processing and sales, Anatoly Cherner.

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NIS (opens in new window) is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in the Southeastern Europe. NIS is engaged in exploration, production and refining of oil and gas, as well as selling petroleum products. The main shareholders are GAZPROM Neft (56.5%) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia (29,88%). The Company has two production plants, in Pančevo and Novi Sad with a total processing capacity of 7 million tons of oil per year, as well as LPG production unit in Elemir. NIS produces around 1.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) of oil and gas a year. The Company’s retail network includes more than 500 facilities: petrol stations, filling stations and the network of crude oil storage facilities on the territory of Balkan region. Beside Serbia, NIS is also present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkmenistan, Angola, Belgium and Russia.