Indian Government rubber stamps new National Cyber Security Policy

/ The Indian Government’s Cabinet Committee on Security has approved the National Cyber Security Policy (CCS), which aims to create a secure computing environment through education, and in particular, information security training.

"CCS met today and approved the National Cyber Security Policy, which sets a road map for strengthening cyber security of the country by building capacities in the country, training manpower etc.," a source said after the meeting.

The adoption of the National Cyber Security Policy, the highlighted method of delivering a cyber security environment through training, and the shortfall in certified cyber security professionals in India places professionals with expertise in information security and cyber security in high demand.

"This policy caters for the whole spectrum of ICT users and providers including small and home users, medium and large enterprises and government and non-government entities," the source added.

India already requires organisations that collect information within the country through the Information Technology Act to be ISO 27001 compliant. ISO 27001, the international cyber security standard, is the international best practice standard for information security management. By achieving compliance to ISO 27001, organisations can ensure their information and systems are kept secure. The adoption of the National Cyber Security Policy builds on the importance of successful implementation and certification of ISO 27001 to India and Indian enterprises, both large and small.

Organisations looking to implement ISO 27001 should ensure that they have skilled staff in place to complete the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to the ISO 27001 standard. IT Governance run an interactive online ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer training course which addresses all aspects of implementing and maintaining the requirements for ISO 27001.

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Additional information on ISO 27001 is available in an IT Governance ISO27001 and information security white paper which can be found at

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