Head of the NSA Warns of ‘Disruptive & Destructive’ Cyber Attacks – ISO 27014 Can Help

/EINPresswire.com/ IT Governance USA - a leading provider of cyber security solutions in North America - is urging US organizations to ensure they are investing in effective and robust cyber security; and to seriously consider adopting the new ISO 27014 Governance of Information Security standard.

Yesterday, speaking at the Reuters Cyber Summit, Head of the NSA and US Cyber Command, General Keith Alexander, warned “The disruptive and destructive attacks on our country will get worse and ... if we don't do something, the theft of intellectual property will get worse.”

Cyber attacks are now an issue that every organization has to take seriously. Sensitive information, customer details, reputations and systems all need to be protected.

The new ISO 27014 Governance of Information Security standard can help. IT Governance state – that by employing this standard – you organization will benefit from:

• Information security activities that support and help businesses to achieve their objectives
• Accountability for information security within the organisation
• Proportionate expenditure on information security that is effective and delivers value
• Dealing with information risk effectively
• A constant awareness of the organisation's information security posture
• Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Managing and protecting your information is at the very core of robust and effective cyber security. ISO 27014 provides organizations with an internationally accepted way of achieving this.

You can obtain a copy of the standard online at: http://www.itgovernanceusa.com/product/2683.aspx