ISO27001 ISMS documentation templates – the fast route to cyber security best practice

/ Evidence provided from the results of the ISBS 2013 survey reveals that the number of cyber attacks is growing and they are becoming more complex. This has led to more companies increasing (or at least not cutting) their security budgets. Governments and clients are putting pressure on such organisations to improve their cyber security.

A lot of organisations have recognised that ISO 27001-compliance not only offers better protection of their information assets, but also gives them a competitive edge. Being the most widely recognised international information security standard, ISO 27001 provides guidance for the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is developed in-line with the company’s objectives.

Alan Calder, CEO of cyber security experts IT Governance, says, “Savvy organisations are not only looking to implement the ISO 27001 guidance, they are actually looking for the optimal route to implementation and compliance. Cyber criminals don’t wait, so companies shouldn’t either.

“To help those companies make quick progress with implementing an ISMS, we have developed the No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit. It has already been utilised by numerous organisations internationally, and has proven efficiency credentials. It is an extremely useful resource in the current environment where cyber attacks happen daily and there is pressure from governments for improved cyber security.”

The No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit is precisely tailored to the requirements of ISO 27001 and contains all documents that organisations will need in order to achieve ISO 27001 certification. The toolkit also includes copies of the three key standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and ISO 27005, as well the latest version of vsRisk™ - the software tool that can reduce time for conducting a risk assessment by up to 90%. More information is available from

One customer commented on the toolkit: “Using the templates was the only way that we could deliver a first edition ISMS in under 6 months. Our deliverable was a work in progress but miles ahead of where they would have been without the templates.”

The No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit comes with a unique document support service, which enables users of the tool to get answers to documentation queries within 24 hours at no extra cost. There is also a free update service which means organisations will benefit from 12 months of updates to the toolkit, again, at no extra cost.

Organisations can purchase the No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit from

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