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Terry Bradshaw, the host of Today in America.

Clients like Jeff Peterson have plenty to say about the benefits of working with AgriSolutions.

Sam Bachman from AgriSolutions is featured in the Today in America video.

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A comprehensive profile of AgriSolutions Inc., based in Brighton, Illinois, was recently aired on Today in America TV with host Terry Bradshaw. The segment highlights the company’s role as the leading provider of business management solutions for today’s agricultural producers.

The video begins with a historical perspective describing how farmers were successful being effective production managers. But the segment quickly goes on to detail how that is all changing.

“Today, we’re expected to be technology experts also,” says Jeff Peterson, owner of Peterson Family Farms. “Which requires us to have different skill sets.” This includes knowledge of financial reporting for banking and taxes, as well as how farmers’ financials impact cash flow and planning for their operations. Add to this the complexities of the commodity markets, futures, hedging and forward contracts, and it can get to be almost too much.

“Farmers are overwhelmed with mass quantities of data from every aspect of their operations,” states Valerie Bates, Manager of Marketing and Education for AgriSolutions. “This is why AgriSolutions is here, to assist in pulling all the data together into something meaningful. Our mission is to help agricultural producers become better business managers.”

AgriSolutions goes beyond traditional accounting and consulting with bundled management products and services, including:
• Consulting
• Accounting software and support
• Tax planning and preparation
• Credit assistance
• Standardized managerial benchmarking
• Education

The company’s philosophy is unique when it comes to financial data. “We believe financial statements are used for three purposes,” says Sam Bachman, Technology Engineer for AgriSolutions. “Tax compliance, credit and management.” Of the three, management reporting has not been utilized by farmers to a great degree. Bachman goes on to state, “We believe that management should come first, then credit and then tax.”

With the right reporting, farmers can better manage key business drivers like land rents, costs,and crop marketing. And they’ll have a better understanding of how to leverage their competitive advantages.

The video goes on to outline different kinds of support AgriSolutions provides for its clients, but it leaves it to the clients to describe how that benefits them. “Until I met AgriSolutions, I never really understood how to use my financial information,” says Marty Kirbach, owner of Kirbach Farms. “Now I can use it to make better business decisions. My historical trends show a definite improvement since I started working with AgriSolutions.”

Terry Bradshaw as the show’s host and video narrator states, “AgriSolutions has been the difference in farmers’ ability to remain profitable and deal with the changing landscape of agriculture.”

About AgriSolutions

AgriSolutions had its genesis in 1967 as Agro Systems Corporation, a company founded to provide financial accounting and analytical services to agricultural producers and small businesses. In 1995, AgriSolutions was formed to develop and market a new series of products and services specifically designed to increase agricultural producers' profits in most major commodities. AgriSolutions Inc. provides industry-leading management consulting, accounting software and services, educational programs, and tax planning and preparation. Together, they’re designed to help agricultural producers be more effective business managers. AgriSolutions is headquartered in Brighton, Illinois, 35 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. For more information please visit

About Today in America TV

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